Add a watermark to your photo

Add your own watermark, logo, or overlay with PicMonkey's online photo editing tool.

In two shakes of a monkey's tail, you can add your own watermark, logo, or overlay to your photo or collage.

Here’s how:

1. Open a photo in the PicMonkey Editor.
2. Click the Overlays tab on the far left side of the panel (the butterfly).
3. Click Your own at the top of the list of overlays.
4. A box will pop up that allows you to select from the files on your computer. Select your previously created logo or watermark.
5. You can change the color, rotate it, fade it, erase parts of it, or select one of the preset Blend Modes.

If you’re more visually inclined, we created this awesome Video Tutorial: Get Stuck on Overlays just for you! You're guaranteed to be an expert in watermarks, logos, and overlays after watching it.

For more info, we made a detailed tutorial.