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PicMonkey Help & Support

How do I open a photo in PicMonkey?

To open an image in PicMonkey, there are a few methods to get your pics into the editor.

1. Select "Create New" in the top left of the homepage or editor.

The screen below will launch -- choose from where you'd like to open your image.

The "Other" category includes external storage that you can link directly to from PicMonkey in order to access your photos from there.

Once you choose a photo, you'll be prompted to name the image and pick a Folder in your Hub for it to be saved inside. Click "Create" to get started editing.

2. Drag and drop on the homepage

If you are on the homepage, you can just drag and drop an image from your desktop to get started (not all browsers support this however).

For adding an image as a layer, see Adding an image as a Graphic.

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