Photo touch up

Put the you back in bee-you-tee-full with photo retouching.

Show your photos who’s boss with our Touch Up tools.

Take control of your look

If only there was a photo editor specifically tailored to the nuance of human faces, like, we don’t know ... a face editor? Rejoice, because the stuff of sci-fi and Nick Cage movies is here, and it’s PicMonkey’s photo retouching tools. Designed to work like good makeup, they highlight your subjects’ best features, and are only as visible as you want them to be.


Blemishes, splotches, and uneven color can distract from your portrait. Touch Up effects for skin to the rescue!
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Lip Tint and Teeth Whiten compliment any smile: they adjust infinitely for the right look. See the difference a tiny tweak can make.
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Our eye retouching tools make peepers just as vibrant as the person they belong to. Plus, applying digital mascara is waaaay easy.
Aye aye, eyes >


Stay swell-coiffed with touch up tools designed specially for hair. Grow your own realistic beard—or a neon-colored mane—in moments.
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Body and the rest

Go wild remixing your portraits with nips, tucks, and plumps, whether you want a tasteful trim or Dali-like melting watch madness.
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Unlock the possibilities

Touch Up is a bonafide miracle worker: from rainbow hair to Popeye biceps, the possibilities are limitless. And serious talk—who likes limits?
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Touch it up right

Try these uber-popular touch up tools and work a little magic on your portraits.

Wrinkle Remover

Wrinkle Remover is a quick, easy fix for squinty smiles, furrowed brows, and other rumples in your otherwise impeccable pic. Try it out for a dose of smooth sailing.


Ah, Clone: it’s your spellbook for third-eye-making, mistake-erasing sorcery. This wondrous tool lets you pick a source area, then brush that source over another part of your image.

Mac OS X, Windows, Linux