The PicMonkey Mobile App

Rule the photoverse.

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Top-shelf photo editing for regular-shelf folks

Your pics deserve a mobile app that gives you the greatest creative freedom with the fewest hurdles. That’s why PicMonkey’s putting a buffet of our finger-friendliest tools in your pocket.

Paint on, paint off

No app is the boss of you! Apply effects only where you want ’em by painting them onto your pics or erasing them off.

Layer effects

How many effects is too many? Trick question, there’s no such thing. Layer with abandon in PicMonkey.

Stickers and text

Put a bird on it! Or a beard, or a bear, or the word “bear.” PicMonkey’s stickers and fonts keep the photo party rolling.


Unleash the muse with Draw and doodle your own destiny. Change transparency and erase with ease.
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
PicMonkey IOS 8 and up Photo Editor
PicMonkey Android 2.3 and up Photo Editor