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Create stunning branded images for social posts, banners, shop icons, and more with PicMonkey’s free photo editing and design mobile app.

Easy-peasy design tools :

Easy-peasy design tools :

Pre-set social media sizes

We have blank canvases in all social sizes for a perfect fit every time.

Pre-set social media sizes

We have blank canvases in all social sizes — a perfect fit every time.

Play with 100s of fonts

Put ’em on a curve, add a shadow, apply textures, and adjust spacing.

Dazzle with 1000s of graphics

Choose from loads of overlays to match your vibe.

Powerful, portable photo editing :

Powerful, portable photo editing :

Create scroll-stopping photos

Get all the eyeballs by touching up portraits and adding striking effects like Light Leaks and Pink Fog.

Automatically remove backgrounds

Our smart Cutout tool gives you quick control over what’s in and out of your photo.

Do more on the desktop

Want even more options? Get integrated storage and editable layers with a PicMonkey subscription.

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Mobile app 101 .

Learn the tips, tricks, and tools we’ve packed into the mobile app for your creative pleasure.

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Summer-ify your social feed .

Palm Springs graphics, pinkish effects, rainbow glows—it’s a social media summer makeover.

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Background erase .

Get rid of that background with a few finger swipes in the mobile app. We’ll show you how.

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Learn design secrets .

Not a designer? Not a problem. We’ve got five basic tips that will give your pics that little sumpin extra.

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Customize your text .

Be a space cadet about letter spacing. A tweak here and there can improve design and readability.

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Make your pics pop .

Spice up your photos with these five PicMonkey mobile features. Don’t settle for “nice” — go for “wow!”

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