How to Remove Backgrounds with Our Background Eraser Tool

How to Remove Backgrounds with Our Background Eraser Tool
November 4, 2016 Tanya Friedland

The Internet is a weird place. Someone can innocently fall asleep in the library and wake up the next day as a viral sensation. Have you ever looked at one of those listicles and thought, “Man, I’d love to be able to contribute to that. Too bad I don’t have the editing skills (sad face).” Well, sad face no longer! In this video tutorial we break down how to use our background eraser tool to extract someone from the background image they were born into and transfer them into the background that destiny intended. Read on below to learn the highlights.

Remove Background From Image in these easy steps:

  • Start with an awkward pic that delights you.
  • Hover over Design on the PicMonkey homepage and open up a blank canvas. Size doesn’t matter.
  • Open up your picture as an overlay and click Transparent canvas.
  • Erase the background of the image by clicking the Eraser tab of the overlay tool.
  • Paint back parts you might have accidentally erased (click the paintbrush) or click the Undo button in the bottom toolbar.
  • Add your image to Hub or save it to your computer as a .PNG file.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Add your image to a new background

  • Find a hilarious background image. If you’re stuck, try perusing some of these free stock photo sites.
  • Open up that picture by hovering over Edit and selecting your photo storage option.
  • Open your first image as an overlay by going into the Overlay tab and clicking “Add your own.”
  • Play around with it (adjust size, orientation) until it’s in its ideal spot.

Create your own background

You can create your own background by opening a blank canvas in PicMonkey and adding one of our textures or playing around with overlays and the Draw tool. (Or all three!) Just remember to flatten any overlays into the background if you want to draw on top of them. You can do this by clicking the Layers palette in the bottom toolbar and clicking the Flatten button in the bottom left corner.

Why stop there? Make a bunch more and get this meme rolling.

If you’re missing some of the amazing practical applications of this type of image, check out what we did with it below:

Background erase, overlay, PicMonkey

Background eraser, overlay

Background eraser, overlay, PicMonkey

Overlays, Background Erase, Textures, PicMonkey

Overlays, Draw, Textures, Background Eraser, PicMonkey


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Tanya Friedland
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