Background Eraser: Remove Behind Your Subject

Background Eraser: Remove Behind Your Subject

It’s simple to use our background eraser. Seeing is believing … until you get your paws on the photo textures tool. Then you know that sneaky photo editing magic can make the unreal appear real. Learn how to use the paintbrush tool in textures (Clouds, Space, Water, and more) to erase a photo background behind your subject. It’s a quick two-minute video tutorial.

Erase your photo’s background

If you want to use the same technique to make your own photograph a background behind a photo subject, use the Your Own button, in the Overlays tab, to open an image on top of another image.  Then, erase away with the paintbrush, just as it’s shown in this tutorial.

There you have it! Erase a photo background in (more or less) a single bound.

PicMonkey’s background eraser tool

Removing the background on your photo doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the paintbrush in textures to easily place your photo’s subject on a new background.

You can lay your photo subject onto any background of your choosing. A party invite to your son’s birthday party is taken to the next level with a picture of your son on the moon. Try it out!

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