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Create your business identity and profit like a pro. Design your brand with PicMonkey's logo maker.

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Make a Logo

Be the brand you wanna see in the world. Make a logo that turns heads.

Make your logo and business graphics in PicMonkey

Don’t feel pressured to hire a pricey designer: make a logo, business cards, and other assets for your brand right in PicMonkey. We’ve brought together a sweet suite of tools to make the process fun and super simple.
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Overlays for Logos

Use one of our 1000+ overlays to design a logo, or open your own: PicMonkey offers ultimate control over size, color, and orientation.

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Text Effects

Rejoice, font fans: our design tool backs up your logo with reader-friendly effects like drop shadow, plus all the fonts in the galaxy.

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Leave an impression with a customized watermark, perfectly coordinated to your brand’s color scheme and mood.

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Business Cards

Design business cards for print in PicMonkey: with our tool, there’s no limit to your graphic design potential.

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Our streamlined, fully adjustable overlays are the perfect tools for showcasing your expertise. Make graphs and presentations that persuade and influence.

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DIY Monogram

Ah, monograms. Classic and classy, drop these babies onto logos, business cards, and branded stationery for an instantly unified look.

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Make a logo: ours and yours

Your brand should be a reflection of your business, your values, and, well, you. That’s why PicMonkey’s logo maker makes it easy to express your message with two powerful routes to branded bliss: using our overlays or your own graphics to design logos.


PicMonkey’s overlay library has over a thousand free graphics to choose from. Customize your favorites with PicMonkey’s infinitely flexible graphic design tool: fade, flip, erase, recolor, kick butt, take names.

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Turn your images into PicMonkey overlays when you click Your Own in the Overlays tab. The Overlay palette lets you edit them just like ours, with total control over transparency, size, orientation, and color.

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