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PicMonkey’s flexible design templates are the jumpstart you need to get your projects rolling. (Rock optional.)

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Why use design templates?

Because you don’t need a PhD in pixel-ology to make something beautiful. Because cards don’t write themselves (we’re working on it). Because our designer-made templates make you feel like you control your destiny, and we say rock on, Valhalla!

Whether it’s the biggest day of your life or just a day that ends in Y, PicMonkey’s design templates make life a little lovelier. Pick your favorite and customize with your own photos, fonts, and overlays. Add ten pictures of your cat, turn the whole thing orange, use Comic Sans. We don’t judge.

Have trouble saying goodbye to a good thing? Us too. So when you’ve finished editing a template, simply save it to PicMonkey Hub, and you’ll be able to come back anytime to change up its text and overlays.

  • Customize with your own photos
  • Easy-peasy-parcheesi to use
  • Photo filters and touch-up tools
  • Edit later with PicMonkey Hub



Dinner at Donna’s

Influenced by mid-century modern textiles and wallpaper, this swanky template will take your guests back in time. Worldly but playful, unafraid of bold colors and patterns, Dinner at Donna’s is the life of the party before anyone even walks in the door.