Stunning Stock Photos & Videos

Unsplash stock photos

Looking for authentic, beautiful images for your designs? We’ve got millions of ‘em from Shutterstock, included in your Pro or Basic subscription.

Unsplash stock photos

Using our photos is crazy easy


Open the PicMonkey editor and click the Photos tab. You’ll see a whole bunch of images and a search bar at the top.

Search for a photo by category - such as cats or flowers, cars or lakes - and select the image you like best.


Use our easy, intuitive editing and design tools to customize the photo just how you want it and make it all your own.

Stock images for all your needs

PicMonkey's stock photo library is powered by Shutterstock, bringing you all the stock photos you need for social posts, ads, websites and more — along with our photo editing and design tools. Best part: the pics are part of your subscription!

PicMonkey lets you drag and drop stock photos into your designs

Photos at the ready

We make it easy for you to get your stock photos right where you create your designs. Access millions of pics to use instantly in your projects.

PicMonkey lets you drag and drop stock photos into your designs

We have stock video, too!

Free stock videos included with all subscription levels, so you can take your designs to the next level. Use video in social media posts, ads, YouTube video interstitials, and more.

Why PicMonkey

Collaborate with your team

Your team can work together at the same time within a single file, with comments, changes, and additions stored in one centralized place.

The price is right

You’ll get access to all our editing tools and all the images you want for one low monthly or annual fee. No hidden up-charges or added costs for premium images.

Easy-to-use interface

You don’t need any design skills or experience to create stunning images for your marketing collateral, social profiles, and web pages.

Discover the amazing things you can do with PicMonkey

Basic photo editing
Basic photo editing

New to PicMonkey? Here’s a quick guide on how to start beautifying your images.

Secret tips and tricks
Secret tips and tricks

Get the lowdown on some of PicMonkey’s more advanced photo editing features.

How to use graphics
How to use graphics

Learn the ins and outs of customizing graphics and adding them to your designs.