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Your photos go better together in collages. Use PicMonkey’s free collage tool.

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Collage Maker

How to Use PicMonkey’s Collage Maker

Take advantage of PicMonkey’s collage templates, flexible layouts, and easy interface to get your projects looking poi-fect.
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1. Open Collage

Hover over the Collage button on the homepage to open your pics.


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2. Choose a layout

Select a layout for your photo collage and drop your pics into the cells.

Lay it out

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3. Edit away

Add in effects, backgrounds, and text to your collage.

Effect it

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4. Save and share

Save your collage to your computer, or share via email or social media.

Masterpiece collage

Peanut butter and jelly, summer and sandals, board game night and yelling—some things just go together like photo collages.

Make a Photo Collage

Making a photo collage has never been easier with PicMonkey. Make a picture collage that’s everything you want it to be with your choice of templates, responsive layouts, swatches, and every single tool from PicMonkey’s free photo editor. Create a photo grid or make a picture fun with filters and text. Don’t worry about the size for your facebook cover photo, we have the template for you with dimensions. Start creating picture collages for wallpaper, cover photos or frames.

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Collage templates

From holiday cards to your latest Pin, PicMonkey has over 40 project-based templates to make your images excellenter. Use a project template to create a picture collage.

Try a template >

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Customizable grid layouts

Wanna break free? Take your projects up a notch with our ultra-smart, fully responsive layouts and design a pixel-perfect collage.

Lay it out >

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Add text and graphics

With our collage maker, you’re a click away from unlimited font options in PicMonkey’s text tool, plus all the graphic goodness of Overlays.

Get what’s good >

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Edit in the collage cell

Hover over an image for quick access to basic adjustments and popular effects, or head to the editor for our full toolkit. Use all the features to make the best photo collage.

Tool time >

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Facebook cover maker

Our Facebook cover template lets you combine photos in a one-of-a-kind collage. We handle sizing, so all you gotta do is follow your muse.

Cover the bases >

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So many collage projects

From birthday cards to wedding invitations, use Collage for a flexible, responsive way to combine photos, graphics, and background swatches. Use our collage maker for stand out pics.

Get busy! >

Awesome photo collage projects

Get your start in our Collage maker with one of these popular projects.


Combine your memories into unforgettable collages, and size them perfectly for Instagram. Bonus: use PicMonkey to layer on the filters like whoa. Easily share your photo collage designs.

Instant grammification >

Wedding design

Don’t let wedding design overwhelm: use Collage’s bespoke background swatches and flexible layouts to craft the perfect invites, save-the-dates, and thank-you cards. There’s so many overlays, fonts and borders to ensure your wedding is to die for.

If you like it, put a swatch on it >