Make a Christmas Photo Card in PicMonkey

Make a Christmas Photo Card in PicMonkey
November 15, 2017 PicMonkey

With PicMonkey’s Christmas photo card maker, you can turn an ordinary photo into a dazzling Christmas photo card in any style you choose. But with so many options, where to begin? Where???

Don’t worry, folks, we won’t leave you out in the cold. Take a sleigh ride through PicMonkey’s favorite card-making tools, and see which one might be right for you. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Christmas card templates: the Easy-Bake oven of card-making
  • Making photo Christmas cards with the Santaland theme
  • Making photo Christmas cards with the Winterland theme
  • The one-click wonder of PicMonkey’s Snowfall effect
  • Collage Christmas cards, complete with festive backgrounds

Christmas photo card maker: Templates for easy-peasy cards

christmas photo card maker

Psst… click me, I’m editable!

When it comes to ease, there’s nothing peasier than cracking open one of PicMonkey’s holiday templates. Our templates are pre-sized, designer-made, and totally editable, so you can create a customized seasonal message in no time flat. All you gotta do is swap out the text. (For more info on how to do that, read our article on changing template text.)

holiday photo card maker

…me too!

Tip: Explore the Holiday tag in templates to get started on your Christmas card. We’ve got sentiments ranging from secular to outright Christmas-y, plus designs for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus. (Yes. Festivus.)

Make photo Christmas cards with the Santaland theme

Christmas photo card maker

If you’re ready to let your creative spirit run free, but not like, a lost-in-the-wilderness kinda free, use one of the excellent holiday themes in our DIY Christmas  photo card maker. Santaland and Winterland are both chock-full of graphics, fonts, and effects that are tailored to the holidays.

For just one example of how Santaland can make your Christmas cards fantastic, let’s talk graphics. PicMonkey graphics are vector graphics, which is a techie term that means they look glorious at any size, big or small. And they’re a super-simple way to put your own creative stamp on a project. For example, check out the “happy holidays” label on the card above. It may look like text and a graphic, but it’s actually just a graphic. (Our minds were blown too.) Find more like it in Santaland’s Seasonal Messages graphic group, and let your cards take flight!

Start from scratch with the Winterland theme

Christmas photo card maker

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Then Winterland’s snowy landscapes, plentiful flakes, and old-timey embellishments are just what you need. To tie a big red ribbon around any holiday photo (metaphorically speaking), try adding a Winterscapes frame to your card. Customize the look of your photo frame by choosing your favorite color—and don’t forget to adjust how much space it takes up on your card by checking or unchecking the Keep proportions box.

Bonus: Winterscapes frames create room to type seasonal well-wishes on even the busiest of pics.

Let it Snow(fall)

Christmas photo card maker

The Snowfall effect in Winterland blankets any scene in snowy magic in just one click. Seriously, just one. Before clicking: no snow at all. After clicking: somebody cancel school over here!

Next to using a template, this is probably the absolute easiest way to get a professional-looking photo card that shouts, “WINTER HOLIDAYS!” while sort of whispering, “Did you notice how beautiful this card is? The person who made it is probably super-organized and always sends timely thank-you cards, right?”

And we’re all about that.

Tip: Don’t want snow to obscure your subject’s face? No problem: in the Paint palette, you can erase away any errant flakes you spot.


Christmas photo card maker

Here’s a year-end conundrum: what to do when you can’t decide which pic to use on your holiday cards? The solution, obviously, is to combine them all! And for that, you’ll need Collage.

Navigate to Collage from the homepage, and either add your own pics or start with some of our pre-selected seasonal faves. For holiday purposes, there’s one tab you’re gonna want to get acquainted with: Swatches. Swatches is the Themes tab’s little sister, in the sense that it’s got patterned backgrounds that match what you’ll find in Themes. That means you’ll find Winterland and Santaland swatches that coordinate charmingly with the fonts, graphics, and other tools in in each theme.

Why swatch? Well, our seasonal swatches make sure you’ll have space for a Christmas greeting—but as the above design shows, they’re also just pretty.

Tip: The Collage tool in our Christmas photo card maker is totally responsive, so you can drag, drop, and resize images any which way you want. If that gets overwhelming, choose a pre-made layout in the Layouts tab.

Now you’re done! Whew, that was easy. To deliver your Christmas cards to loved ones, print your design at your favorite print shop (or at one of ours), or be a digital pioneer and email it out.

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