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PicMonkey is looking for people to help us bring fearless photo embetterment to the world. We're a small shop and that means errbody has a big impact. We crank on all pistons, work like cray-zay, and then go home to have actual lives, too. You in?

Senior UX Designer

Your wild-eyed obsession is our good fortune. Yes, we will embrace your left brain and right brain superiority, your impossible knack for making complex things simple, and your clean, modern aesthetic. No, we will not make fun of you for needing things to be functionally and visually beautiful, or for your meticulous attention to detail. Because we know that all of the above is what it takes to be an amazing UX designer at PicMonkey.

So, come. Join a supportive, collaborative team as we design web and mobile experiences for a killer brand. You'll work on a variety of projects, from fun, small features to big-impact projects. You'll explore new ways to help people wield technology for self expression. And best of all, you'll have fun. Because that is a thing we do.


Skills and qualifications

If this sounds like thing of wonder to you, send your resume to

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