Brighten Your Social Feed with 12 Holiday Quotes

It’s Christmastime! A time for family, gratitude, and wrapping up year-end goals. For those of you managing social accounts it’s also a mad-dash of prep, planning and coordination.

So to help you get through this most wonderful time of the year while still maintaining some sense of sanity, our elf monkeys have put together a folder of holiday design templates that will make your seasonal posting go waaayyy more smoothly. Whether you’re going for a heartwarming, cute, or Scrooge-y kinda vibe, we’ve got designs that ring all the bells.

Plus, to make your job extra easy (our Christmas gift to you) — we’ve tracked down a few Christmas quotes that’ll give your designs a boost. You’re sure to find something that stuffs your followers’ stockings and gets regrammed from now until Boxing Day.

Feel free to use these designs right outta the box (just click the image to edit!), or customize them with your own brand colors, logo, Christmas magic, heartfelt adage, etc. We can also help you add the right amount of holiday twinkling to your design with our curated folders of graphics and fonts in the Themes tab.

The 12 Quotes of Christmas


It’s easy to see why kids love Christmas. There are surprises, gifts, special meals, visits from family. Focusing on the festivities through younger eyes can help maintain the sense of magic. Another anonymous quotation that works well with this design is “The light in a child’s eyes is all it takes to make Christmas a magical time of the year.”


You can go a long way toward festiving your designs with the trappings of the season, like adding some stylized snowflakes and ornaments. Serifed fonts generally invoke a more traditional feel, and an open design like this with a large font is pretty much screaming for short quotes like the one above or “Let it snow!”


Wrapped gifts for friends and family under an evergreen tree is about as Christmas-y as it gets for a lot of people. Some flat lay photography is a great way to use these items. If you create a design like this, don’t forget to leave to leave some blank space for your text.


In this design, using layers and controlling the fade helps the background image remain visible while keeping the quotation up front.


Careful placement of layers helps you set up a before/after kind of dynamic in your design that can show the reaction of giver and receiver; this makes a pretty powerful visual statement. Another quote you can drop right into this one is Edna Ferber’s “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”


Presenting a statement and an image that mirror each other can have real visual impact. This design stands out because of the creative use of borders and layering. You could also swap in a quote by Santa Claus lookalike Mark Twain : “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”


Use the eyedropper tool to match the background color to one of your design elements and tie it all together. This design supports all kinds of quotes, like anything about trees, joy, lights, even music. Try, “May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve” and see what you think.


This design’s all about comfort — there’s not much that’s cozier than putting on a brand new pair of socks. Warm reds and muted light add to this fuzzy feeling, and quotes about the coziness of home and family will fit well with this design, like Marjorie Holmes’ “At Christmas, all roads lead home.”


People celebrate Christmas in many different ways, and your designs can reflect that — they don’t all have to be bright lights and smiling reindeer. Play with focal effects to soften the lighting and create different moods. The contrast of dark and light, along with an unexpected quotation, can make your design stand out.


You could substitute a friendlier statement, like Gibran’s “Kindness is like snow — it beautifies everything it covers.”


This visual incorporates the quote in a fun, dynamic way by varying the size and placement of the text.


Using fonts creatively can add another level of meaning to your designs or call out the gist of a message. Varying the size of the font will draw people in to read the rest of the statement. It works really well if the first and last parts of the quotation make a sentence on their own, like with this W.C Jones quote: “The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

Thank you for a terrific year. There’s more in store for 2019, and we hope you’ll be part of the fun and come along with us.
Kevin Rexroat

Kevin is a technical and creative writer with experience writing for Redmond and Hollywood. He is by all accounts a terrible vegetarian, mainly because of pepperoni pizza. He has never seen "The Sound of Music," but he has seen pink dolphins. In addition to being an accomplished writer, his acting and singing have been described as "fine."