Grab Attention With These 4 Focal Effects

The Area Effects group includes our focal effects. They offer easy like Sunday mornin’ ways to apply effects to a part of your image, instead of the whole thing. They were also built to be focal tools, guiding viewers’ eyes to your chosen part of the image. You can find them near the bottom of the Effects tab in PicMonkey.

Focal B&W

If you want your subject to stand out, Focal B&W will do the job and then some. Like a magical color spotlight, or a raygun of beauty fighting minions of the Monochromatic Overlord, Focal B&W creates a beacon of focus. Remember, if one spot isn’t enough, you can always use the effect brush for any of our black and white effects to paint color wherever you want.

Focal Pixelate

Focal Pixelate is cool. It’s fun. It’s that weird artsy kid who hangs out on the roof for some reason and knows about stuff you’ve never heard of before. Check the Reverse effect box to concentrate the pixelation to your focal area, so you can pixelate a label, face, or some sensitive content in a picture you want to post (like a license plate, some unseemly buttock cleavage).

Focal Soften

Focal Soften mimics a soften filter. Now, if you want to buy real ones for your camera, those filters’ll set you back about $100, each. Alternatively, PicMonkey’s Focal Soften comes with blur, focal size, edge hardness, and fade adjustments.

Fancy Focus

For those of you missing a fancy camera, Fancy Focus will do the work for you. Fancy focus mimics a shallow depth of field, making your camera and photos seem, well, just plain fancier. As a cherry on top, the effect desaturates the unfocused parts of your image juuuuust enough to look even more profesh. It works so well that a lot of people don’t even think there’s a photo effect, they just assume it’s a fancy camera.

It’s like you have a fully staffed professional studio packed into a single click.

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