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Grab Attention With These 4 Focal Effects

The focal effects offers easy like Sunday mornin’ ways to apply effects to a part of your image, ins...
Orange background with PicMonkey and Shutterstock branding, announcing that PicMonkey has joined the Shutterstock family.

What's New: PicMonkey Mobile App for Android

We're back! Check out the new features in the PicMonkey mobile app for Android!
Partially blurred photo of woman with pink hair and sunglasses.

How to Blur a Picture 7 Different Ways

Blurred photos can be beautiful. Check out these cool tricks to blur your pics on purpose.
Smiling woman on beach with man in background being erased using PicMonkey's Clone tool.

How to Edit Something Out of a Picture with Clone

Don't stress stray thumbs, hairs, and errant family members. Use Clone to edit something out of a pi...
Photo booth strip smiling man and woman in various poses.

Online Photo Booth: Get the Photo Strip Look with PicMonkey

Ready your goofiest facial expressions: it's photo strip making time! Learn how to give your pics th...
Smiling woman in pink turtleneck with glitter shadow effect applied to background.

Electrify Your Designs with the Glitch Effect and Other Trendy Looks

See the trendiest of the trendiest effects that PicMonkey has to offer and learn how to capture thes...
film grain

Film Grain Photos in 4 Steps: Add a Classic Look to Your Pics

Throw back to the days of old when you learn how to add a film grain effect to your photos.
Blur image background

4 Ways to Blur Backgrounds in Your Photos

Learn how to use PicMonkey’s collection of blur effects on photo backgrounds.
fix photo mistakes with filters in picmonkey see before and after images

4 Common Photo Mistakes You Can Fix with a Filter

Four filters to fix your frequently occurring photography issues.
Filters you won't find on Instagram

Beyond Instagram Filters: Get a Unique Look With These 9 Flexible Effects

PicMonkey has the bomb filters for making your pics look epic. Check 'em out!

Get the Soft Grunge Aesthetic Look


Apply Anything to Anything in PicMonkey

Touch Up more than faces. Add textures to fonts. Spice up your projects with unexpected effects.

Blow Minds with These Wow-Worthy Photo Effects

If you’re searching for something to make your pics stand out in a crowd, you’ve got to try these bo...

Set the Mood with Light Effects

Set your pictures off with some sultry mood lighting. Whether you want Bokeh Shapes or Lens Flare, i...

The Top 9 Design Trends to Conquer 2017

We proudly present *the* definitive list of design trends to watch for in 2017. We're talking bold c...