4 Common Photo Flubs You Can Fix with a Filter

Sometimes life calls for quick fixes, like taking a laundry detergent pen to the mustard stain that showed up after your lunch break or cobbling a rubber flip flop with a stapler.

The same goes for your photos: sometimes they don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped at first, and you don’t have time to get into all the finer points of editing. Rather that lose that almost-amazing vacation shot or spend some serious time editing it, fix it super quick like with a PicMonkey effect. We’ve rounded up four common picture problems, and ways to embetter them. Open the Editor and navigate to the Effects tab to see how these filters can transform the images you almost gave up on.

1. Ghastly graininess

Graininess is another photo blunder that’s kind of like falling down onstage at a beauty pageant—it’s better to just own it. If your image is giving off a little bit of a sandpaper vibe, check out Intrepid. This effect provides a one-click way to go from “aw rats!” to artsy with darkened edges.

2. Blurriness

There’s a joke in the photography world that goes a little somethin’ like this: One blurry photo is an accident, 10 blurry photos is an experiment, and 100 blurry photos is your style. If even your stationary subjects just can’t seem to hold still, try giving your blurry shots more of an intentional, artistic bent with a black and white effect, like Super B&W (be sure to play with the Contrast slider if you’ve got a couple extra seconds).

3. Focus in the wrong place

If your subject is being a little shown up by other elements of your image, help it say “Hey buddy, my eyes are up here” with Focal soften. Move the focal target to the spot you want to stand out, and everything else will take on a soft, almost watercolor-y look. Crank that Blur slider all the way to the right to make the effect more apparent.

Here are a few more effects that will direct eyes with traffic-cop-worthy skill:

  • Focal B&W: Add color to a specific, circular area of your photo while painting, painting, painting everything else black (and white).

  • Fancy focus: Makes everything except your subject a wee bit hazy (or a lot bit hazy, depending on how you adjust the Intensity slider).

  • Focal zoom: Just like the name implies, this effect zooms in on the focal point of your photo and directs eyeballs right to it by blurring out everything else.

  • Spotlight: Casts a shadow (but not like your over-achieving sibling) on everything except your focus area.

4. Case of the blahs

Does your photo look like it has a case of the Mondays? Give it the effect equivalent of five energy drinks and a slap in the face with Burst and Boost. Both ramp up the vibrancy of your photos by punching up the color saturation, in slightly different ways.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.