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PicMonkey template of man isolated in the air holding a skateboard against orange background and purple and orange gradient while showcasing crop and resize assets.

Complete Inches to Pixels Sizing Conversion Guide

Got sizing stress? Don't let specs get in the way of your masterpiece. Here's what you need to know.
Orange canoe on river turned into photo illustration with PicMonkey's design tools.

Learn How to Turn Photos Into Illustrations

Turn photos into illustrations with PicMonkey's snazzy effects and design tools.
Cropping an image in PicMonkey to the correct social media size.

Crop an Image to All the Social Media Sizes

Get the most current social media post sizes for 2022 for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twi...
Open file drawer graphic.

How to Organize Photos: Naming, Storing, and Unmess-ifying Your Digital Library

Whip your image library into shape in just five steps. We've got the naming and organization info yo...
Two-cell collage showing correct exposure versus underexposure in a photo of a hand reaching into a flower bed.

Fix an Underexposed Photo in 3 Steps

Learn how to quickly fix an underexposed photo in PicMonkey.
Before and after of an edited seaside city photo.

Photo Editing for Beginners

Learn about basic photo editing techniques and PicMonkey features.
Blur image background

4 Ways to Blur Backgrounds in Your Photos

Learn how to use PicMonkey’s collection of blur effects on photo backgrounds.
picmonkey mobile app photo effects to brighten pictures and save bad photos

Use the Lush Photo Effect to Save Blah Photos on Your Phone

Our newest addition to the PicMonkey mobile app is one one-click pic fixer. Learn all about it here,...
fix photo mistakes with filters in picmonkey see before and after images

4 Common Photo Mistakes You Can Fix with a Filter

Four filters to fix your frequently occurring photography issues.

Hack the Monkey with These Right Click Tricks

Did you know you can edit image elements in PicMonkey with just a right click? Master text and overl...

Help! Why Are My Photos So Dark?

Are dark photos getting you down? This article unravels why underexposure can happen and what you ca...
Get ultimate photo control when you use paint-on photo editing tools in the free PicMonkey mobile app!

Use Paint-On Photo Editing Tools in the PicMonkey Mobile App

Wanna apply Brightness to the sea, but Contrast to the sky? Learn flexible and beautiful photo editi...

How to Edit Your Instagram Photos

Stand out on Instagram with these quick tips on how to edit your photos!

Learn How to Make a Color Pop Photo with PicMonkey Mobile

What’s black and white and red all over? A color pop photo made in the PicMonkey app! Watch this nif...

Hub and Mobile are Better Together

This tutorial walks through two of PicMonkey's latest features – Hub and mobile – showing you how to...