How to Fix an Underexposed Photo

How to Fix an Underexposed Photo
June 30, 2016 Rich Harrington


An underexposed photo often looks a bit off. Maybe your camera was confused by tricky lighting, or you forgot to change the manual settings. Fortunately, you can quickly fix an underexposed picture in PicMonkey. Let’s take a look at how to fix an underexposed photo that is too dark.

  1. Open an image in the Editor and find the Basic Edits tab, then click Exposure.
  2. Click the Auto adjust button to auto-analyze your image.
  3. Tweak the Brightness, Highlights, Shadows and Contrast sliders until your image looks right. The Highlights and Shadows sliders make it easy to fix an image it appearing washed out.


That’s it! The next time you have a photo that is just a little bit underexposed, try using Auto Adjust to improve it on the quick.

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Rich Harrington
Rich Harrington is a visual storyteller exploring the fusion of photography and video. He's the publisher of Photofocus ( and an avid travel photographer. He's also a husband and a father who finds time for a Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop.