Use Reshape Photo Tools for a Natural Touch Up

use touch up tools to reshape your images and retouch selfies

Nothing is perfect, but PicMonkey’s reshape photo tools can help you account for camera or lighting faux pas. Remove any minor blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, add a little sparkle to the eyes, or glamorize with makeup. 

Touch up is all about subtle edits for an authentic look—now that’s the right kind of perfection.

use touch up tools to reshape your images and retouch selfies

How to use PicMonkey’s reshape photo tools

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Open your image in PicMonkey’s editor. Upload a pic from your desktop or import directly from Instagram.

Apply desired effects

Click Touch Up and then select your focus (Skin, Mouth, Eyes, or The Rest). Remember that photo reshaping is about subtle edits, so this is not a place to use all of the effects.

Fine-tune your look

Each touch-up effect comes with its own set of adjustment sliders to allow you to change the intensity of a touch up. Applied too much of the spray tan feature? No prob, just dial it back.

Export and share

Chances are you’re touching up an image to share with a client, family member, or friends. Download or share directly to your email or social accounts.

blemish touch up

Use reshape photo tools to accentuate the positive

We know you’re gorgeous already, and that’s why our reshape tools are perfect for achieving authentic touch ups. Try:

 Teeth Whitener: Erase any buildup faster than a Crest White Strip. 

• Skin Smoother: Soften harsh angles or shadows. It’s like a digital moisturizing mask. 

Blemish remover: This pic is gonna last a lot longer than a zit. Banish it!

blemish touch up

Reshape your look with Color Changer tools

With PicMonkey’s Color Changer tool you can go from blonde to orange to purple hair in a couple clicks. Or, wanna see how your t-shirt looks in different colors? That’s right, Color Changer gives you a rainbow of options.

You can find the tool under Effects or Edits. Easy-to-use sliders let you have total control over hues and your overall color potency.

Touch up photos on the mobile app

Ever take a photo that (after a few tweaks) you wanna immediately drop on social media? Just download PicMonkey’s mobile app for free touch-up tools and a primo set for $1.99 (or totally gratis if you’re a Pro subscriber).

Read on for hot touch-up tips & tricks:

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5 tips for a natural-looking photo touch up

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Get the most out of the PicMonkey touch-up app

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How to use touch up

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