Add Vintage Effects to Create Nostalgic Photos

Give your photos an old-timey look with PicMonkey’s vintage effects. Try photo filters like Daguerreotype or Sepia for a polished, antique aesthetic that looks anything but dated. Get started for free and send those photos down memory lane!

How to add vintage effects to photos

Sign up

Register for a free account to start designing. Or begin a free trial for seven days to take all the cool features for a spin.

Open an image

Upload your photo from your desktop, cloud storage, or Instagram. You can also start with a photo from our massive stock photo library.

Choose an effect & adjust

In Effects, choose Dusk, Time Machine, or Polaroid. Or try Black and white, Sepia or Vignette. Use the Fade slider to adjust intensity.

Download and share

Download or share it directly via email or social media. Hot tip: Get a link for others to view it in PicMonkey's cloud storage.

Lots of vintage photo effects to try

You’re not limited to just a single ripped-straight-outta-time effect when you use PicMonkey. We give you plenty of options for turning your photos into vintage masterpieces.

Simply pop into the editor and click Effects. From there, choose from Dusk, Time Machine, Yester Color, Sepia, Black and White, and many more.

Use your vintage pic in a template

Channeling all the old school feels into your photo might just be Step 1. If you’re looking for a holistic design, one of PicMonkey’s easy-to-use templates is just the thing you need.

We have design templates for all occasions. Simply upload your photo and customize however you want. Add other effects, textures, or graphics to elevate your design’s look. 

Create classic pics on the go with PicMonkey's mobile app

Lucky for you, there’s vintage effects in our mobile app! Just click Effects and then choose from Dusk, Sepia, or Black and White. Like their desktop companions, you can adjust saturation levels by using the Fade slider.

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