Make Pop Art with PicMonkey Effects

Make Pop Art with PicMonkey Effects

In 1962, Andy Warhol released the Marilyn Diptych, a masterpiece of cultural iconography now considered to be one of the most influential pieces of modern art in the world. In a coupla minutes, you too can turn a photo into a pop art masterpiece; we’ll show you two ways. The first technique gives you a screamingly cool pop art effect collage, complete with enough colors to give the ’60s a run for their money. The second will look just like a silkscreen print with all vintage grit that says, “Yes, in fact I did win this at a fancy auction.”

Make Pop Art Soup can effect

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

Open the Collage tool

You’ll be prompted to select your image. Just pick one. Once you’re in Collage, click the Layouts tab to find the Warholiest option (for us, that’s the 3 x 3 in the Square Deal layout). You can customize your spacing and background in the Background tab (the palette icon).

You have two easy options for populating your cells:

  • Drag your image from the photo tray into each cell.
  • Click AutoFill (in the top toolbar) to fill your cells individually.

Back to the Editor

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

You’ll need the Warhol effect. Hover over a cell and click the Edit button in the top left corner. It seems like you only have access to a couple effects with the Effects tab, but get ready to have your mind blown. Click Open image in Editor and you’ll be zorped into a magic wormhole that allows you to jump from Collage to the Editor. (Note: this is one our favorite Royale features. If you haven’t upgraded yet: consider it.) If you don’t have Royale, you’ll hafta create each of your images in the Editor, and then bring them into Collage.

Make the color pop

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

Now that you’re in the Editor, click the Effects tab and scroll down to Warhol. The first color applies to shadows, and the second applies to highlights, so play around, there’s a buncha different directions you can take it.

Finishing move

After you’ve picked your two colors, click < Back to Collage at the tippy top of the panel. Boom! One down; the rest to go. When you’re done, slap on the Comic Print effect for a Lichtenstein zing. Have fun and wait for the museums to call.

Pop Art Effect: Marilyn

This is a two-part process. First you’ll build an image to open as an overlay. Then you’ll open that overlay to build your pop art illustration.

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

Open your photo in the Editor

Then paint your background white. To do this, use the Draw tool down in the Artsy group of the Effects tab. Don’t worry too much about precision. Roughness is part of the look.

Bring the black and white

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

Convert your image to black and white with Daguerreotype (Brady). Of our nine black and white effects, Daguerreotype is ideal for this project. You’re on your way to a gritty silkscreen print look, so click the Basic Edits tab to increase Highlights and Shadows in the Exposure settings. Next, apply the Sketch effect (Themes > Comic Heroes), and adjust the Fade slider until your image has a high-contrast but balanced distribution of black and white.

Save your image as a PNG and make note of your dimensions.

Build your canvas

To build your illustration, you’ll need to open a blank canvas with Design. (Tip: to preserve your image quality, your canvas cannot be larger than your overlay dimensions. Click Resize in the Basic Edits tab to input your dimensions.)

Open your image with the Your Own button in the Overlays tab, and size it up to your canvas. Now, the schweeeeet part about opening your image as an overlay is that you have control over the blend mode. (Blend modes can miraculous things—like make a double exposure—so don’t forget to show them some love.)

Set your overlay’s blend mode to Multiply. This’ll let you paint in the white parts without painting all the way over your illustration (like you did with the background).

Complete ze masterpiece

Use PicMonkey to turn your photos into pop art masterpieces!

Go back to the Draw tool to paint the background and portrait colors for your illustration.

(Tip: you can match colors with the eyedropper tool.) Now take a minute to bask in your awesomeness, you’re an advanced photo editor.

If you want to give your illustration a vintage feel, try one of our Papyrus textures. Again, don’t worry so much about staying exactly in the lines. Art’s about defying convention, y’know?

Remember to save as a PNG, and get yourself some Royale!

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.