Create a Stellar Birthday Party Invitation

Whether you’re hosting a soccer-themed birthday party, or princesses are more your thang, PicMonkey has all the tools you need to kick off your soiree with a cute, DIY invitation. It’s super easy and you can let your imagination run free. Here’s everything you need to know to create a delightful party invitation.

Pick your canvas

Don’t be afraid to start from scratch—you’ll be amazed by what you can create. When selecting your canvas, keep in mind how you want your final product to look. In the video above, a skinny horizontal canvas was the perfect starting point for a birthday invitation that looks like a ticket. Feel free to resize, crop, or add Shape Cutouts to your canvas. Then, design away!


PicMonkey has gobs of textures that you can use as your birthday party invitation background. Their polished look makes your creations extra-amazing. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, no problemo— just click Your Own to open any texture!

Add some graphics

The rectangular graphic in Geometric is the one of the handiest lil’ guys in all the land. With a rectangle, it’s so easy to create a layout that includes boxes and columns. When you’re done adding the basics, apply some fun graphics like the ones from Games and Glory. No matter what your party theme, scroll through our folder and you’ll find something perfect for you.


And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for … picking your fonts! PicMonkey has tons of sweet fonts to choose from, so go ahead to add a few to your card. Mixing and matching is a great way to express your unique style. Use the color picker tool to coordinate your color scheme, and feel free to rotate, enlarge, and format your text.

Need a little more design help with your birthday party invitation? Then check out our selection of gawdgeous templates, and customize ’em to your heart’s content!

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Fabiola Millican

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