Design Outstanding Business Cards With PicMonkey Graphics

Create stylin’ business cards like these using PicMonkey’s graphics and templates.

Yes, printed business cards are still kicking around in this digital world. They used to be just straight-up contact info, but these days biz cards are breaking the boring old mold and becoming little bits of art. It stands to reason that the more interesting your card, the more memorable you’ll be, right? 

Let’s dive in to how to use PicMonkey’s highly customizable, stylish graphics and design templates to create branded, beautiful business cards.

Quick steps for creating a business card from a template

  1. Browse business card templates at

  2. Choose a template and click to customize in the editor. 

  3. Replace, delete, or add words or graphics that represent your brand.

  4. Export your design as a JPG, PDF, or PNG that’s less than 25 MB.

  5. Upload your design to a printing service or print at home.

Exporting your design for printing

Export your design at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best print quality of your business card. The template we used in the example above is 3.5 x 2 inches, a standard business card size. That translates to 1050 x 600 pixels at 300dpi. Many business card printing companies will only accept file sizes of less than 25 MB, which is pretty huge, so you should be fine. Download as a PNG file type to ensure the best color integrity.

Choosing graphics for your business card

Sometimes choosing an icon or graphic for your business card is as easy as finding an airplane icon to match your luggage store or a bicycle to match your, well, bicycle shop. But what if you’re in the psychotherapy business? Or you’re a consultant that does something kinda vague-ish? “Can I still take advantage of interesting graphics for my business card?” you may wonder. Why, yes! Let’s look at some ideas.

Look for impressionistic graphics that give a sense of what your business is all about. Check out graphics of the geometric type. In the more abstract examples above, the child therapist card uses an open cube, conveying a sense of both structure and of openness—two essential qualities in her profession! Plus, it kinda looks like a kid’s building block, which also makes it an appropriate choice. The SEO consultant chose a modern geometric shape for her card, with a more conservative colorway and layout that presents her as a serious and organized professional.

Hot tip: Did you know you can search specifically for all of PicMonkey’s graphics by name? Or search for whatever you’re looking for in general: hotdog, monsters, emoji, love, and so on. 

  1. Click the Graphics tab on the left side of the editor.

  2. In the Graphics menu, enter your search term in the text box at the top.

Graphics for your business card

We encourage you to browse all the graphics—we have thousands—and remember that you can customize them by changing the colors, resizing, adding a drop shadow, or applying a texture. 

We have some suggestions for a few graphic sets that could be strong contenders for your business cards. Check ‘em out!

Browse these and more Design graphics.

Browse these and more Business graphics. 

Browse these and more Food & Drink graphics.

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Sarah Gonzales

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