3 Ways to Ace Your New Pinterest Business Page

It’s no secret that we love using Pinterest as a way to market your business. Now Pinterest has three new stellar features and tools to help you take your business page to new heights.

First up, say hello to an all-new business profile that gives you ultimate control over how you bolster your brand.

New profile, who dis?

Let’s walk you through your new Pinterest business profile. Your profile will always look fresh, current, and on-trend, thanks to its dynamic cover image, which automatically grabs Pins that you’ve pre-selected to populate it, highlighting the content that you want your followers to see first. Set it up to showcase your most recent Pins, pick a specific board to spotlight, or focus on the latest activity from your account, then just forget about it. You’ll have an effortlessly up-to-date cover that you only have to set up once.

Psst! Want those Pins that look fresh every time? Use our perfectly sized blank Pinterest canvases, or, better yet, pop open a template and let us to most of the heavy-lifting for you.

Push your pins further

Also conveniently located at the very top of your new profile, you’ll be able to see your monthly viewer number. This is the total number of people who saw your Pins in the last 30 days, so you and everyone that visits your page can see how Pinterest-popular you are.

Number not quite where you’d want it? Don’t be discouraged! You can always promote your Pins so they’re seen by people who are seeking out products or services like yours.

Even more discoverability

Last up, Pinterest is introducing a dedicated space for people to discover ideas and inspiration specifically from the people and brands they follow. (Yes, this means you!)The new Following tab works like this:

  • Your followers see your latest Pins, in the order you save them.

  • The more your followers engage with one of your Pins, the more it gets shown in other places across Pinterest (think search results, feeds, etc.).

  • The tab also has built-in ways for people to find new profiles to follow—which, hello, helps you build an even bigger, badder audience on Pinterest.

Pinterest will be rolling out these updates over the next few months. In the meantime, check out their list of best practices to take your Pinterest game up a notch right now.

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Tanya is a copywriter at PicMonkey, a company that has greatly improved her life by allowing her to Zombify her friends and Santa-ify her enemies. A native Seattleite, she dreams of one day being a contestant on The Price Is Right.