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Email signature creator templates at PicMonkey

PicMonkey’s email signature maker tools help you bring branding to your emails. Choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts and customize your design with text effects, graphics, and professional imagery. Get started for free today!

Email signature creator templates at PicMonkey

How to make an email signature

Start your project

Open a customizable email signature template. If you’d prefer total creative freedom, get started with a blank canvas.

Add images to your email signature

If you choose a template with room for a profile image, you’ll want to swap in your own image. Crop or edit your photo right on the canvas, apply effects, and position it where you want it to be.

Add text & graphics

Type your own words into the text boxes on a template, then adjust size or position, or try a text effect like curve, outline, or drop shadow. Choose from hundreds of fonts to get the professional look you want. Check out our huge graphics library to put the finishing decorative touch on your signature.

Download & use your email signature!

When you’re finished with your design, download and add to your email signature line in whatever mail provider you use. Good job expanding your brand!

FAQs about email signatures

Do I need an email signature?

You want your brand to extend to every channel you use. Email’s probably a big part of that. Using an email signature is a great way to include your brand in every email. Create something that’s professional, visually appealing, and on-brand.

Should I use an email signature every time I send an email?

Yup, that’s the idea! Once you’ve created an email signature, your email provider should have a place (usually under “Settings”) for you to upload your work so that it shows up at the end of every email.

What font should I use for my email signature?

Fonts like Arial, Georgia, Verdana, and Calibri are always email-friendly, but always defer to your branding guidelines. Don’t have those yet? Start with our Branding 101 guide.

Create with graphics

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create designs that will get noticed.

1000s of graphics at PicMonkey
1000s of graphics at PicMonkey

Why use PicMonkey for design and photo editing?

Minimal learning curve

Our easy and intuitive tools allow you to start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Extensive feature set

Start with a professionally designed template or take advantage of our high-powered tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

Get everything you need to create fabulous images for one low subscription price, with no one-off purchases or hidden costs.

Build your brand with PicMonkey

Build a beautiful, bold brand with PicMonkey’s editing and design tools for creating a professional and stylish presence for your biz.

build your brand at PicMonkey diy marketing
build your brand at PicMonkey diy marketing

The PicMonkey Mobile App is for design on the go

Start your design on your laptop, run to a meeting, take a call, finish up your work on your phone using our Mobile App, post directly to social, or share with your colleagues. Whew! We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re at your service 24/7.

Making email signatures with PicMonkey

You know you’ve asked yourself the question before: Do I need an email signature? Maybe you saw one with a whole lotta pizazz in a recent email and had a moment of clarity. Truth is, email signatures are an extension of your brand. And since you’re probably sending a lot of emails, why not brand them? They legitimize your account and look professional, create brand recognition, and can serve as a sendable version of your business card. Time to get signing!

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