Make a Monogram Logo with Our Monogram Maker

Make a Monogram Logo with Our Monogram Maker
March 5, 2019 PicMonkey

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

You don’t have to be a fourth generation Rockefeller or a Nantucket vacationeer to make a monogram. A monogram is a great way to personalize paper ephemera—thank you cards, wedding invites, place cards, and programs—as well as business swag like mugs or notebooks. And PicMonkey will help you design a monogram in just three steps:

  1. Choose a monogram canvas.
  2. Select the graphic you want to use.
  3. Add and customize your monogram text.

Whether traditional and elaborate or modern and minimal, PicMonkey will teach you how to make a monogram that jives with your personality and aesthetic. And wouldn’t you rather have a DIY monogram than the common off-the-shelf variety? Follow the tutorial below to use our monogram maker.

1. Choose your monogram canvas

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

On the homepage, click the Create New button and select Blank canvas from the next page. You’ll have the option to choose your canvas dimensions at that point; to keep things simple, just pick a square.

When the editor opens, click Background color within the Edits tab, select the Transparent checkbox, then click Apply.

2. Make your monogram shape

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

Go to the Graphics tab (the three shapes icon). You can make a monogram using pretty much whatever shape you want, but for this tutorial we’re keeping it simple and heading to the Shapes set (in the Basic category). Click a solid circle and it will appear on the canvas. Grab the corner handle and stretch it to a size that covers most of the canvas, then use the color picker to choose a color.

3. Personalize your monogram

Make your own monogram logo


From the Text tab, click Add text, then type the first initial of your last name (or the initial you’d like to have in the center of your monogram) into the text box. Choose the font you want to use from the drop down. We used Chivo Light. If you’re layering your text over your graphic, it’ll help to make the text a different color so you can see it. When you’re done, click outside the text box and use the Text palette to adjust color and size. To center the text, use the Grid and Alignment palette (accessible from the windowpane icon in the bottom left of the editor).rom

Remember: If you lose track of any of your text, you can always reselect it using the Layers palette.

make a monogram logo in picmonkey

Add more text and, if you like, try out this pro-looking intertwined letters look by erasing part of the text. We have a whole tutorial about how to do this. 

Pro tip: Craving an extra-extra-fancy touch? Add your full name or company name below the monogram. Try the Letter spacing slider to adjust the space between text for a mod look. And don’t forget about customizing your colors!

make a monogram logo in picmonkey

Look at you, monogram maker! You’re all done with a simple, statement-making design.

Pro tip: When you’ve got multiple graphics, keep track of them using our Layers palette. Find it on the leftmost side of our bottom toolbar. The Layers palette is also where you can combine all your graphics into a single layer; select Flatten image (the icon that looks like three pieces of paper with a down arrow) and let the simplifying begin.

More looks

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

Make a monogram with elegant ease using PicMonkey's design tools.

Here are some different looks you can go for as you make a monogram all your own: trendy, classic, and traditional. Our graphic sets have quite a few options for adding objects and flourishes to complement your design. 

And since you’re going to be using your new monogram for like, everything, we’ve conveniently saved it for you in Hub, where you can easily change its size, colors, and fonts. Plus, add your monogram to one of our custom templates for instamagically stunning business cards, Facebook covers, and more.


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