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Wallpaper Maker

Make stunning designs with PicMonkey's wallpaper maker. You'll be amazed at what you can create — no design skills required.

How to make wallpaper

Pick a pic

Choose a photo that you like from PicMonkey’s stock library, or use your own.

Customize your graphics

Arrange your chosen graphics on your canvas, adjust the size, change colors, or add outlines or a drop shadow. Most of our graphics are vectors so they will not blur when you resize them.

Add text to your design

If you want to add text, choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts—from serif to script to fun, or upload your own! Customize your text by curving it, adding a drop shadow, or an outline.


Complete your design and share or export from the editor.

Why use PicMonkey for design and photo editing?

Minimal learning curve

Our easy and intuitive tools allow you to start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Extensive feature set

Start with a professionally designed template or take advantage of our high-powered tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

Get everything you need to create fabulous images for one low subscription price, with no one-off purchases or hidden costs.

Create with graphics

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create designs that will get noticed.

Create with stock photos

We’ve got millions of gorgeous, authentic stock photos taken by some of the best photographers in the world that you can use to create a truly unique image—all included with a subscription.

Making wallpaper in PicMonkey

We spend a lot of time with our phones. Checking it, on average, 46 times per day, so it’s nice to have something pleasant to glance at every time you pull it out. Customized wallpaper for your lock and home screens personalize your phone — kinda like hanging art on the walls of your house, or putting a framed picture of your pet hedgehog on your desk. Wanna snazzify your smart device? We'll show you how...

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