Free Tier List Maker

Use PicMonkey's tier list maker tools to compile the ultimate ranking list. Customize your design with images, graphics, colors, and more. What'll it be — Super Smash Bros. characters? Fast-food chains? Books? Your friends? (Not recommended.) Start designing for free today!

How to make a tier list

Open a collage canvas

Start your tier list design with a collage canvas. Choose your size, then select a collage layout with enough columns and rows for your ranking grades and images. Have too many cells? Just click on the ones you don't need and delete!

Customize your tier list

Change your background color in favor of that classic tier list black. Turn individual ranking cells their own color and add text. Or browse our graphics — we have different styles for each letter you need!

Customize your tier list

Add images and/or graphics to your ranking columns. Upload your own, or pull from our huge stock photo library. Easily resize images and move them around your canvas. What sayeth your tier list?

Download and share

When you're all done, download your tier list for printing or share to social media directly from PicMonkey. Your design automatically saves in Hub (PicMonkey's cloud storage), so you can return and update it at anytime!

Add graphics to a tier list

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes, all just waiting to bring your tier list to life!

Free stock photos & videos

Choose from millions of free stock photos and videos to customize your design—accessible right from the PicMonkey editor. You’re sure to find a beautiful, authentic image that’s just right for your needs.

FAQs about making tier lists

What is a tier list?

A tier list is a rankings list of video game characters. The higher up on the list, the more powerful the character. These prove useful in tournament play settings. However, today's tier list is used to rank just about anything. Food, movies, sports teams,’s all fair game!

How do I customize a tier list?

Tier lists tend to have a distinctive look, but you can still add a bit of your own personality to the design with unique colors and graphics. Also consider how you’ll display rankings. For example, if you’re ranking video game characters, do you want to use an image of each character or something that symbolizes them?

What should I rank on my tier list?

What are you using it for? Competitive gamers might still use a tier list to rank characters in preparation for a match. If you're just having fun arguing with your friends or followers about what’s the “best” of something, consider using a tier list to give your opinion and encourage others to share their own!

Get to ranking with PicMonkey's tier list maker tools

You can rely solely on instincts in that next Street Fighter showdown or Super Smash Bros. battle royale, but why not get a leg up on your competition? Visualize your allies and foes like never before with a well-designed tier list. Rank characters from best to worst, and feel confident in who you choose (and who you're up against) in your next match. Or, take your tier list outside of the video game realm and rank whatever you like! Foods, sports teams, candies, products, brands...ready to rank?

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