Photo to Cartoon Maker

Turn snazzy photos into colorful cartoons with PicMonkey’s powerful photo editing tools.  Customize your photo-to-cartoon design with a free trial subscription.

How to turn a photo into a cartoon

Upload your photo

Use one of your own pics or choose from millions in our enormous, royalty-free stock photo library.

Add effects

Choose from artsy photo effects like Posterize, Edge Sketch, or the Arcade filters.

Make adjustments

Fine tune the effect just how you want it by adjusting the saturation, contrast, and intensity.

Finalize & share!

Apply your effect and share! Send directly to social media from PicMonkey, download, or stash it in your Hub—PicMonkey's cloud storage.

Make cartoon-like pics without all the drawing

You don’t need an art degree or any sort of drawing experience to create cool, cartoon-like images. Just use our photo to cartoon effects and watch as your image becomes cartoonized.  

Customize to match your artistic vision and leave your friends wondering when you had the time to get so good at drawing.   

Make an art poster from a photo

With our intuitive photo effects, you can craft your artful masterpiece exactly as you want it. Use the Edge Sketch, Posterize, or the Warhol filters to outline, paint, and/or add a pop art vibe to your image.

Customize colors and adjust exposure and brightness as you see fit with user-friendly sliders. Apply the changes and revel in your work. 

Start with a template

Or you can start your journey with one of our professionally designed templates. We have hundreds, for all occasions and outlets.  

Choose a photo-based template. Browse any of the effects under Artsy and transform your design into a cartoon worthy of a newspaper, comic book, or graphic novel.

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Turn your inner designer loose with PicMonkey