Photo Stitch Your Images into Powerful Collages

Let a collage tell your full story. When you use PicMonkey’s collage tools, you’re able to easily photo stitch multiple images into one dazzling collage. Start collaging for free today! (Note: this tool is not for auto-stitching panoramas.) 

How to make photo collages

Open collage maker

Click Create new and open the Collage maker. Choose your canvas size, then pick a collage layout to start your project. Remember you can always add or delete cells later if you want.

Add images to the collage layout

Populate the collage by adding your own photos and videos, or choose from our stock photo and video library. Drag and drop the photos or videos into the cells.

Resize collage cells

Drag cells and borders to instantly change the layout and look of your collage. Add a new cell by dragging and dropping an image in between cells. Delete cells you don't need. Try rounding the corners of the cells for an all-around fun look.

Add graphics, effects, and text to your collage

Finish off your collage creation by adding graphics, effects, and text. All the layers and cells will remain editable so you can access and edit your collage as much as you like. Rest assured you work is autosaved in our cloud storage.

Tons of layouts and flexible cell resizing

  • Choose from 100s of different collage layouts. Mix up your grid layout with personal pics or stock photos, videos, and colors — you got options!

  • Click and drag cells to easily change their layout, and don't worry about your pics and videos—they’ll auto-resize to fit, offering you total flexibility while designing.

Photo editing and design tools at your fingertips

• If variety’s the spice of life, then unlimited customization is the spice of design. Add some extra flare and character to those dazzling photos with our image editing tools!

• Embrace creativity with an array of eye-catching photo effects, add unique graphics, and create appealing text cells with our unparalleled text tools.

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