Photo Effects

PicMonkey’s photo editing effects are versatile and customizable. Instantly transform pics into works of art, create a consistent aesthetic, and get ’em ready for posting.

Photo filters that set a mood

Adding a photo effect can change the entire look and feel of your pictures by adding warmth and approachability or striking a cooler, more detached vibe.

Plus, once you’ve found the right look for you, it’s easy to create a consistent aesthetic by applying it to all your pictures. Your followers will dig it and your feed will thank you.

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Get creative with 40+ photo effects

With eight different effect groups and dozens of photo editing effects, PicMonkey’s got everything you could want to pamper your pics.

From quick fixes like photo filters to dramatic special effects like Edge Sketch and Pixelate you can tweak your pictures as much or as little as you like.

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Get exactly the look you’re after

Our photo effects are completely customizable. You can adjust the fade, layer them, and even paint them on (or off!) any area you’d like.

With dozens of effects and hundreds of combinations, there are literally millions of directions you can take it. But don’t take our word for it, that’s just the math!

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More effects to love on PicMonkey mobile

Our mobile effects were built to bring instant, easy wow-factor to all your post-worthy pics. With mobile-only effects like Lightleaks and Splendor you can get high-end looks that were made especially for your phone photos. And did we mention they’re free? (They’re free!)

How to apply a photo effect


Open your pic in the PicMonkey editor.

Choose a look

Select the effect you want to use.


Adjust the sliders to personalize your look.


Apply the effect. Your pic is ready for show time!

More inspo for your photos

Pump up the FUN

These photo effects will kick your pics into high gear.

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Text + photos = <3

Turn your pics into full-fledged designs. Just add words!

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Photo editing tips

New to photo editing? These tips will help get you going.

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