Photo Color Changer

PicMonkey's color replacer tools let you swap out individual colors with the swoosh of a slider — no lasso tools or hex codes required. Sign up free and try our image color changer for yourself!

How to recolor images online

Sign up for free

Sign up for a free PicMonkey account. Try the photo editor and graphic design tools free for seven days, then decide if you want to continue monthly or save a few bucks with an annual subscription.

Open an image

Click Create new and choose a photo from your computer, cloud storage, or choose from our library of millions of stock photos from UnSplash and iStock by Getty. (Psst, we have stock videos too!)

Change colors

In the Effects tab, click Color Changer. Select the color range you want to change. Move the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance sliders and watch the colors in your photo change.

Apply and share

Click Apply when you're done. Now you're ready to share your image—free trial users can download to the desktop, or share directly to social media or email.

Recolor images to get a new aesthetic

Your camera captured the scene perfectly, but you need to evoke a particular color aesthetic for your brand or your social feed. Muted natural tones and bright blues? Get it. Pops of gem tones on a monochromatic base? Easy peasy. 

Color Changer gives you the power with hue, saturation, and luminance controls — adjust them for some or all color regions in your photo and you've got a color aesthetic all your own.

Color change product pictures and hair & nails

You've got a great photo of your top-selling scarf in orange, but the next production run will offer purple and pink. No need to book a photo shoot—just select that orange hue and recolor it without affecting the other colors in the photo. 

Color Changer works on hair, lip color, and nails, too. Try out new looks or change an outfit with subtle or bold color changes.

More picture color changing tools

Crazy for color changing? Try color effects like Coloramp, Gradient, and Tint. Or get artsy with Posterize and Warhol. Editing photos in PicMonkey  brings you a virtual paintbox of possibilities. 

When you're creating designs, you can change the colors of our graphics too. Get creative with the color picker, or use the eyedropper to match any element on your canvas.

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Color your world with PicMonkey's photo editing and design tools.