Color Splash Your Photos for Extra Vibrancy

Every image has a focal point, but sometimes you want to emphasize that focal point to the nth degree. Enter: color splash. When you use PicMonkey’s color splash tools, you can easily highlight the most important part(s) of your photo and create striking contrast.

How to get the color splash look

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Open your image in PicMonkey’s editor. Upload from your desktop or import directly from Instagram. Or, choose from millions of royalty-free pics in our stock photo library.

Add the Black and White effect

Your best starting point for any color splash design is using one of our Black and White photo effects. Find them under Effects and apply to your image.

Adjust your look

Use the eraser tool to remove B&W from the area that you want to have pop with color. Adjust your saturation level with the Fade slider. 

Export and share

An amazing image like this HAS to be shared. Download your design or share it directly to email or your social media channels. 

Get the color splash look with Background Eraser

As a PicMonkey Pro subscriber, you get access to extra features for easily capturing an eye-catching color splash look. Just use our Background Eraser tool. 

  1. Duplicate a color photo and make one copy black and white

  2. Remove the color photo’s background

  3. Place the backgroundless color pic atop the B&W

  4. Boom! Color splashing like a boss

Use extra effects for imagery that pops

The fun don’t gotta stop when you’re playing with color. If you’re a fan of the perfect kind of extra, then experiment with our unique photo effects for an even intenser look. 

Or maybe you want a text-based color splash? Throw that photo of yours into B&W, then add your text. Use the Text palette to customize font, sizing, and color for total distinction.

Color splash with our mobile app

When you use PicMonkey’s mobile app, you get the same TLC of our desktop editor, only in the palm of your design-ready hand. Simply open the app, upload your image, and find the Black and White effect. From there it’s business as usual!

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