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How to Design a Senior Yearbook Ad and Design Ideas

Making a stellar senior yearbook ad can feel like a pop quiz in creativity. A senior page should reflect the student’s personality and document who they are at this exciting time in their life. Since it’s going to be immortalized in the yearbook, it also needs to look good and we can help you make a legendary one!

Whether you’re designing an ad as a surprise for your fave senior or you’re a graduate-to-be who’s DIY-ing your own page, PicMonkey has plenty of tools and inspiration to help you craft a polished, personalized look. Let's get started.

What you’ll need

Before you put the pedal to the metal — or, ya know, the cursor to the canvas — round up a couple things. Having everything at the ready makes designing a lot easier.

  • Photos. Senior ads can feature one or multiple photos. These can be senior portraits, childhood pics, candid shots that show off their favorite activities — whatever you like. And if a great pic seems unusable thanks to a blemish, easily banish that zit with our touch up tools.

  • Dimensions. Decide whether you’re designing a full, half, or quarter page senior ad. If you only know the dimensions in inches, multiply each dimension by 300 to convert it to pixels (we also have a handy chart if you don’t wanna math it). This will help you set the right canvas or collage dimensions, so you can keep an eye on proportions, avoid image quality issues, and get a better idea of how your design will look when it’s published. You can resize your creation with our Resize tool.

Designing a senior yearbook ad: collage style

Click me, I'm a template!

There are at least 5,698,907 different design possibilities for your senior ad when you create one in the collage style. Use PicMonkey's collage tool to make a gridded collage by choosing a layout, and then filling the cells with photos, and adding text or graphics.

Or get started with a template: To find the one that works best for you can browse all our grad announcement templates here and grad invitation templates here.

How to customize a senior photo template

  1. Open a template in PicMonkey.

  2. Select the existing photos and click "Replace image" on the Image palette to replace with your own images.

  3. Click in the text boxes to type your own message.

  4. Customize text by adjusting size, color, or font.

  5. Size your design right for printing using Resize under Edits.

Go black and white and color all over

This senior ad design is good as gold, with a trio of black and white pics offsetting one in-color image. Showing older pics, from childhood for instance, looks great in black and white accompanied by a modern pic of your grad in color.

Thrice as nice

Try a trio of photos for a senior yearbook ad that is triple the fun. Try three different angles from the same photo shoot, or show your grad growing up at three different stages in their life.

Simple and bold with photo & text

Click me, I'm a template.

This design is all about one great pic and a simple text caption because sometimes less is more. Play with fonts to achieve the look you want (we have nearly 400!), and consider pairing two fonts together for a visually interesting look. Need help with this? Check out: How to Use Font Pairings Like a Pro.

Add a design flourish with graphics

Browse more design graphics to add to a senior yearbook page.

Photos and text are nice, but sometimes you want to go that extra mile with a cool design graphic or two. The layered scrapbook look is popular on Instagram, and you can get the same aesthetic in your senior yearbook page with graphics like these from our Illustrated Plants collection, and the Scrapbooky Tape collection.

Combine photos and shapes for a mod look

Shapes are another big senior page design trend. To add some to your masterpiece, check out our Geometric Shapes graphics. Move them around, adjust the size, and erase parts of the graphic using the Graphic palette.

When it comes to colors, try to stick to a palette of up to three. Too many, and your design may not look as polished. To make a graphic or text match a hue in your photo, use the eyedropper tool. You’ll find it on the palette that hovers over your image when you click a text box or graphic.

Download for printing

When you've finished your design, be sure to take a peek at this article: How to Make a High Resolution Image for Print so that you can hand off a high-quality image to the yearbook committee. When downloading your file from PicMonkey to your computer, keep in mind that PNG files are better quality than JPG files, so if you can use this format, do it.

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