20 Funny Zoom Backgrounds You Can Make in a Flash

Like all things in life, Zoom has its pros and cons. While your brain might be ready to throw in the towel after a day’s worth of work meetings, there’s no denying that Zoom and other virtual meetup platforms have come in handy throughout the coronavirus pandemic. And even though working remotely might’ve been an occasional deal for many a company’s employees pre-pandemic, it’s a big deal now. A recent Upwork study found that roughly 42% of the American workforce is still working remotely. Cue: virtual meeting frenzy.

Given said frenzy, we’re going to show you how to spice things up by crafting lighthearted and funny Zoom backgrounds using PicMonkey’s editor. Please note — we’re here to spread cheer with design tips and tools, not get you fired. If you feel like your boss is going to take one look at the wall of ice cream cones behind your head and boot you from the meeting, then you should probably: 

  1. Return the Cold Stone Creamery gift card you were saving for Secret Santa.

  2. Look at your life, look at your choices, and don’t use an ice cream cone patterned background.

How to customize a funny Zoom background template 

  1. Browse our collection of Zoom templates and select the one you like.  

  2. Swap in or add your own image(s) by clicking the template picture(s) and choosing Replace image on the Image palette

  3. Customize with fonts and graphics.

  4. Download as a JPG file and use it in Zoom!

10 Funny Zoom background templates

Let’s take a look at a few PicMonkey Zoom background templates. Any of these are easily customizable in the editor, or you can just download 'em as is!

Openly lie to your co-workers

Customize this template

Is it, though? We can’t help you shower, but you’re welcome to use this template as a way to showcase picture perfect feng shui.

Never forget

Customize this template

Send shivers down your co-workers’ backs. We will never forget.

This meeting is a zoo

Customize this template

For some reason, we really like comparing our feelings to animals. Share this truth with your co-workers and, if you’re looking at one and thinkin’ Huh?, check out our stock photo library and get replacin’.

Make it perfectly clear that you run things

Customize this template

Shout out to Lizzo when you use this background for symbolic or literal purposes (maybe you really are that boss...).

Openly lie to yourself

Customize this template

Why lie to your co-workers when you can just lie to yourself? Or is listening to your boss drone on about your company’s version of TPS reports really the dream?

Make your co-workers ask first

Customize this template

Dogs are always crowd pleasers. But dogs wearing sunglasses? Winner winner chicken dinner. The key with this Zoom background is to play it cool. Oh, there’s a dog wearing sunglasses behind me? Neat.

We all scream

Customize this template

If your boss isn’t the one human being in the universe who doesn’t like ice cream, then give this background a try. It’s sure to put a few smiles on your co-workers’ faces.

Start happy hour early

Customize this template

There’s always the option of starting happy hour early, although we recommend keeping your in-meeting beverages limited to these faux background drinks. It’s more about the spirit behind celebrating a day’s worth of work well done. 

Time travel to the ‘90s

Customize this template

Prop yourself in front of this green angular zigzag background during your meeting (we added a few retro graphics). Tomorrow, see how many of your co-workers went straight from the meeting to YouTube and looked up old Rugrats clips. Our guess? At least a few of them. Quasi-subliminal messaging: achieved.

Invoke major existential crises all around

Customize this template 

Sure, you can totally nail that Brady Bunch vibe, but what you should really do is replace each photo with your co-workers, and watch with glee as they have to stare themselves down. Note: This is not a great way to foster friendships. However, if you’re in the frenemy business, go crazy.

10 Virtual Zoom backgrounds you can make from stock photos

It's super easy to create "virtual" Zoom backgrounds simply by grabbing a stock photo and cropping it to a 6:9 aspect ratio —1920px by 1080px is a good size (PicMonkey's Crop tool has a preset labeled "Zoom Background" to make fast work of it). Pick a photo of a humorous room or situation you're pretending to take the Zoom call from. 

Caller for Ms. Gatsby

Find a wealthy interior photo to edit

Choose a ridiculously over-the-top wealthy person's study, and show up wearing an ascot. 

Star on your own version of Grey’s Anatomy

Find an operating room photo to edit

Stop pretending that Grey’s Anatomy is just a guilty pleasure. You’ve seen all the episodes and secretly wished that Dr. Bailey would teach you how to do surgery. Or maybe that she’s your mom. We’re not judging. With this background, you can speed up that virtual work meeting because, um, you’re needed in the operating room.

Create poetry...or anxiety

Find an inner tube photo to edit

Your artsy co-workers might appreciate the simple poetry behind an image like this. On the other hand, your practical colleagues could have crippling anxiety and a shared question: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FLOATER?

Show off your friends

Find a disturbing duckies photo to edit

This one requires a bit of straight-faced acting. “Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce you to...my friends.” If you really wanna go all Daniel Day-Lewis with it, give them names. “This one’s Huey, this one’s Dewey, this one’s Louie...”

The goal is to wake up the next morning to several wondrous care packages that have been overnight shipped by concerned co-workers. Please note: We have not tried this so cannot attest to its success rate.

Get even weirder

Find an even more disturbing duckies photo to edit

Look — you know your crowd. If you’re really milking the rubber duckies bit, you’re more than welcome to turn things up to 110. “Who are they? Just my roommates.”

And hey, maybe you’ll be credited as the next great avant-garde zoom background designer. Or fired. We vote for the former.  

Go all Game of Thrones-ey

Find a cathedral photo to edit

You might not be out to blow up the High Sparrow, but you can still take an in-meeting quest to the Seven Kingdoms.  

Make Brad jealous

Find a posh exterior photo to edit

Remember when Brad was going on and on last week because he paid like a zillion dollars for an interior designer to make his living room mid-century modern? We get it, Brad. You know how to read Wikipedia.

Now, take all of your passive-aggressiveness and channel it into this perfect “Make Brad jealous” photo. Look at that dominant monochromatic green color scheme...those posh chairs...the flowers with their STRIKING contrast against an otherwise subdued backdrop. How 'BOUT THAT, Brad?

Show your dedication to the job

Find a home photo to edit

You just had to get the mail (for reasons unknown), but maintained commitment to punctual virtual meeting attendance. Or at least, that’s your selling point for taking the meeting in front of “your” house. 

Call people out for lack of cultural awareness

Find an iconic landmark photo to edit

It’s always a delight to see people panic about not knowing the name of a famous landmark. Display this gem and see what your co-workers have to say. And if you’re stumped yourself, don’t worry — we got you, it's the famous place in....

Squash yourself like a grawp

Find a unique perspective photo to edit

Suggesting that you’re actually one of the giant overseers of a miniaturized world that we can only assume is a terrific nightmare might’ve felt forced in 2019. But y’know what? In 2021, nothing is unbelievable anymore. 

Have fun creating!

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