Get the Best Business Cards with These Creative Ideas

Whether you work in a big office or out of a room in your house, chances are you have (or should have) a business card. These tiny rectangles date back to the 17th century, and they’re still essential for professionals in most industries all over the world. Let’s take a look at some creative design ideas that’ll help ensure sure you have the best business cards around.

Get colorful

The days of plain black text on a white background are over. Consider integrating photos and bright colors into your business card to make it stand out. And of course, make sure any colors specific to your brand are included in your design.

Change the orientation

Horizontal cards were the norm for years and years. Go against the grain by tilting your card 90 degrees, giving it a portrait layout.

Go classy

There are a bunch of creative options that lend a sophisticated, polished feel to business cards.

  • Heavy card stock. A thick card won’t get all bent out of shape in someone else’s pocket, and the weightier feel sets it apart from other business cards.

  • Multiple sheets. Many printers are now glueing multiple sheets together. You can get a metallic or colored insert in between the two sides of your business card, giving it a unique look.

  • Rounded corners. Rounded corners lend a soft, modern feel to business cards.

  • Irregular shapes. Today’s business cards come in all shapes and sizes, from mini cards to square cards to folding cards. Going with an irregular shape or size may cost more, but your card will definitely stick out.

Go big and bold

Business cards may have began as simple cards with text, but today’s varieties feature everything from photos to illustrations to bright background colors. Go bold with your design—just make sure that you have a consistent look if your company has multiple employees.

Send a message (coming and going)

Printing on both sides of the card has become very popular. There are a number of ways to make sure your card leaves an impression, no matter which side is up. Consider adding the following things to the back of your new business card design:

  • Your logo, super sized. Got a great logo? Let it fill the back of the card.

  • An inspirational quote. Put your favorite saying, your company’s tagline, or a meaningful quote on the back.

  • Your portfolio. Some printers (like Moo) let you put up to 100 different backs on your cards. This means that designers, photographers, and others with a portfolio can easily put their work on display.

  • A collage. Feature multiple photos in your design by creating a collage. No scissors and glue sticks needed—PicMonkey has an intuitive collage maker that works in your browser.

  • A translation. If you’re doing international business, use the back of your card to display your information in the local language.

Go glossy

Give your cards a different look with a special coating. Printing companies offer many options, from high shine to soft matte finishes. Coatings can also make business cards more resistant to water and tearing, and change the way they feel in your hand.

Get social

Social media has changed the business world in many ways. If your company has an online presence, share it. If you want clients to connect on LinkedIn, you’re trying to get your message out through Twitter, or your brand is super active on Instagram, include icons and info for those social media channels.

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Richard Harrington

Rich Harrington is a visual storyteller exploring the fusion of photography and video. He's the publisher of Photofocus ( and an avid travel photographer. He's also a husband and a father who finds time for a Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop.