How to Use PicMonkey’s Stock Photos

PicMonkey’s stock photos give you a whole new world of beautiful, authentic, unique images that’ll add polish and style to your designs. Best of all, we make it super easy to choose and use one of our more than 1 million photos. Read on to learn how to use PicMonkey’s stock photos powered by Unsplash for your social posts, marketing materials, websites, and more.

All of our photos are completely free to use for whatever purpose you have, whether it’s marketing, advertising, personal, or artistic. You don’t need any permissions, but if you’d like to give credit to the photographer, it’s always appreciated. And you can change, modify, and manipulate photos however you like.

How to find a stock photo

Stock photos are conveniently located in the PicMonkey editor. Just click the Photos tab (the camera icon) in the left-hand panel and a random selection of images will appear. Use the Search bar at the top to find a specific photo that meets your needs. You can search on objects, places, colors, concepts, emotions, or anything else you can think of. And the tags that appear on some photos when you hover help you find related images in different categories.

How to add a stock photo to a template

We’ve got loads of fully customizable, professionally designed templates for you to use for everything from social posts to invites to website banners. You can swap out the photo in any of our templates with a stock photo of your choice in just a few clicks. 

First, choose a template from Templates. Scroll or search to find the one you want to use. Click to preview in the editor. When you’ve found the one you want to use, click the photo in the template you want to replace and then click the Replace button in the Graphics palette. On the next screen, click Stock Photos. Search for a photo and click the one you want. Click the Add image button. The photo will then appear in your template. 

How to use a stock photo in a new design

From the homepage, click the Create New button at the top on the left and choose a canvas size. Click the Photos tab on the left, search for a stock photo, click the one you want, and it will appear on your canvas. Now you’re ready to edit the photo as you wish, including cropping, adding graphics, using effects and textures, and more.

PicMonkey stock photos will help you take your designs to the next level. 

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