Learn New PicMonkey and See How it Compares with Old PicMonkey

If you’re reading this you’ve probably been a PicMonkey subscriber for quite some time, and for that we thank you! You may have heard that Adobe, the maker of Flash, is retiring the product this year, and most web browsers will no longer support Flash-based websites. PicMonkey was originally built as a Flash-based platform because at the time, 2012, this was the height of graphic sophistication and functionality. 

As we all know, technology moves fast, and today WebGL is the industry standard for building web applications for advanced photo editing and graphic design. We’ve been hard at work creating “New PicMonkey” on this new platform over the past two years and we’re really proud of this version that is ready for you to use. “Old PicMonkey” or, the Flash-based version, will be nearly impossible to support after December 2020, and because we want you, our valued longterm users, to have the best possible experience we are encouraging you to learn all about New PicMonkey and what it has to offer you. 

Old vs. New PicMonkey at a glance

“As a long time user of PicMonkey, I have to say all the new features are wildly impressive. I think your site does a great job of easing the demands of having to create for so many social media platforms. Cheers to you!” - Michelle M., user since 2014

Collage is HERE, new & improved! All the features you love & more

✘ Rigid columns ✔ More flexible cells
✘ Limited layouts✔ Loads of layout options
✘ Out of editor ✔ In-editor collage tool
✔ Adjust padding & margins

Get the lowdown on the new collage tool: How to Create Epic Collages

Graphics: 8,000+ searchable, customizable graphics

✘ Limited selection ✔ 8000+ graphics
✘ Unable to search library✔ Searchable library
✘ No effects options ✔ Edit each color
✔ Add multiple effects

Browse all of PicMonkey's graphics library to get inspired.

Templates: Business-ready styles for all your channels

✘ Limited selection✔ 1000s of new designs
✘ Few categories for business✔ More categories for business
✘ Limited search capability✔ Search by keyword
✔ Accessible from inside editor
✔ Drag-and-replace images
✔ Matching template sets

Browse all of our professionally-designed templates and get started on a new project today.

Fonts: Over 400 w/ searchable library

✘ Limited library✔ Almost 400 font choices
✘ Unable to search library✔ Searchable font library
✔ Brand fonts in text palette

Did you know that Pro subscribers can upload their own fonts? Learn how.

Text: Get creative with curve, outline, shadow, mask

✘ Only apply one effect at a time✔ Apply multiple effects
✘ Cannot do text masking✔ Text masking
✔ Letter spacing + line height
✔ Font outline

Learn cool text tricks like how to layer images and text for a stylish, entwined look.

Textures: Apply to multiple layers, 100s to choose from

✘ 14 categories✔ 31 categories, 100s of textures
✘ Can't apply to individual layers✔ Apply textures to multiple layers
✘ Cluttered workspace✔ Uncluttered design workspace
✘ Only apply to background

Learn more: Getting the Most Out of PicMonkey Photo Textures.

Autosave: Never lose your hard work again

✘ Have to save manually✔ Saves automatically

Don't want to save certain files? No prob, you can delete images quickly from Hub. See: Deleting Images, Folders and Shared Spaces from Hub.

Hub storage: Unlimited folders, file sharing, design with others in real time

✘ Limited folder amount✔ Unlimited folders
✘ No shared folder options✔ Share files, folders
✔ Nested folders
✔ Comment on files
✔ Create a Brand Kit

Pro subscribers can create their own brand kit in Hub with often-used colors, logos, templates, and fonts. See: Create a Brand Kit to Keep Your Look Consistent.

Themes: Not just for holidays, beautiful new design bundles added

✘ 12 themes✔ 31 themes
✘ Seasonal/holiday only✔ Year-round styles
✔ Seasonal + holiday
✔ Templates added

See how themes can beautifully enhance your biz: Design Bundles Make Branding a Cinch.

More improvements: layers, cropping, multiple simultaneous image editing, and more

✘ Couldn’t add from Google ✘ Unable to export to YouTube, Buffer, Facebook Ads manager, etc✔ Add from Google photos and Google drive ✔ Sharing options have increased
✘ Can’t add effects to layers✔ Add textures and effects to graphics ✔ Group and rename layers ✔ Add textures/effects to discrete layers
✘ Cropping is laborious✔ Quick cropping via double click or via Image/Graphic palette
✘ Separate apps for collage and editing✔ Collage, templates, editing all integrated into one
✘ Can only edit one image at a time✔ Can edit multiple photos distinctly within a single doc
✘ Limited color palette options✔ Recently used colors persist ✔ More color palette options

The new-new

This is getting pretty long! But we'd be remiss not to mention all the new-new stuff we have added in New PicMonkey, too - like stock photos, Background Remover, Smart Resize and more. You can read all about it, just check out:

Need a subscription? Try PicMonkey, you'll like it!
Sarah Gonzales

Sarah Gonzales is the content marketing manager at PicMonkey. Before this she worked at Intiut, and before that started a non-profit, and before that had a radio show, and before that worked at Ms. magazine, and before that went to UC Berkeley, and before ALL of that grew up in Alaska.