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Layered design of exercising woman with warm colors and "Run the world" text in athletic running position.

Layer Images: How to Use Layers in Your Designs and Photo Editing

Learn to layer images like a pro with PicMonkey's easy-to-use photo editing & graphic design tools.
Clipping masks example with New York City put inside "New York City" text beside image of Empire State Building against neon pink background.

What's a Clipping Mask? How to Put a Picture Inside Text or Graphics

Learn to use clipping masks to put pics inside shapes or text. It's really easy!
Black and white side profile of woman with yellow ampersand layered for a 3D effect.

Layer Text on Photos for High-End Designs

Learn how to layer text and images to add dimension to your designs.
two photos layered for a double exposure effect

How to Make a Double Exposure Photo

Learn how to make a double exposure picture from two images.
old picmonkey vs new picmonkey what has changed before and after picmonkey

Learn New PicMonkey and See How it Compares with Old PicMonkey

PicMonkey has changed a lot since debuting in 2012. See the differences!

PicMonkey Keyboard Shortcuts You Wanna Know

Psst! These keyboard shortcuts will help you get more done, faster.

Hub 101: Intro to Hub Storage and More

Hub storage from PicMonkey helps you organize, autosave, and share your projects and touched-up phot...
How to use PicMonkey: Manipulate light effects, color, exposure, and more on the Edit tab.

Tutorial: How to Use PicMonkey

Make cool things now with New PicMonkey's tools, templates, and text.

Say Hello to the All-New PicMonkey

New PicMonkey is all about giving you more power, speed, and flexibility.

Use Alignment Grids to Get Your Designs On Point

Learn how to use our alignment grids to perfectly place your design elements.

Test Driving New PicMonkey – What Users Like You Are Saying

With the launch of New PicMonkey coming up, we decided to throw a little soiree at PicMonkey HQ and ...

Fun Photo Effects to Dazzle and Delight

Give it up for fun photo effects! We’ve got five photo mood enhancers that’ll give your pics a whole...

Ads to Posters to Palettes: Make it all in PicMonkey

New PicMonkey is pretty rad, but if you’ve found yourself wondering what exactly you can do with it,...

You Asked, We Listened: Updates to PicMonkey

Hey, friends. We made this new thing and it's just for you! Check out a few of our user-driven updat...