Intro to Hub Storage

Intro to Hub Storage
July 10, 2017 PicMonkey

Design disciples and editing undergrads, we’ve got the lowdown on how to use Hub storage as you create your designs, collages, and photos. Hub is not only a convenient place to store your PicMonkey projects—it’s also a miracle worker because you can re-edit the text and graphics of any image you keep in Hub, even after saving. Learn how to use this magical PicMonkey feature right here!

On today’s syllabus:

  • Saving to Hub from the PicMonkey Editor
  • Editing after saving
  • Making a copy
  • Uploading to Hub
  • Using Hub with Collage
  • Using Collections in Hub
  • Hub and the PicMonkey mobile app
  • Saving to Hub from the PicMonkey Editor

Saving to Hub from the PicMonkey Editor

1. When you’re done editing, click Save in the top toolbar.

2. Give your creation a name and click Save.

Ba-da-boom! It’s that easy.

Editing after saving

When you re-open projects that you’ve saved to Hub you can continue to edit text and graphics exactly the same way that you would before you saved. This means you can:

  • Work on projects a little bit at a time
  • Take wild chances and retain the freedom to change your mind
  • Always go back and fix your mistakes. No typo is the master of you!

You can get to the projects you’ve saved to Hub a few different ways:

  1. Hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the PicMonkey homepage, then click My Hub.

2. If you’re already working in the Editor, click Open New in the top toolbar. Then click Hub.

3. If you’re already working the Editor, you can also click your username in the top toolbar, then click My Hub.

No matter how you get there, everything you’ve saved will be right there waiting for ya when you open your Hub. All of your projects will display under Unsorted.

If you’ve been with us for a bit, you may recall that Hub used to have tabs labeled Images and Collages. No more! Now everything lives under Unsorted, unless you’re a Supremium member and have placed the project you want in a collection (more on that later).

To open an image in your Hub, click it, then click Edit. If you’re working in Collage, click Collage. When you’re done, you can either save like you did the first time, or make a copy.

Making a copy

  • If you’re working on something that you’ve already stashed in Hub, you’ll be presented with two options when you click Save in the top toolbar: Update or Save a copy.
  • Update replaces whatever item you already stored in Hub.

  • Save a copy saves both the original and the new version. This is great if you want to keep multiples of the same thing, like lots of versions of a flyer.

Uploading to Hub and managing Hub

  • Open Hub and click Upload in the top right corner. This allows you to open files from your computer. You can also drag and drop photos directly into Hub from your desktop.
  • To remove images from your Hub, export Hub images to your computer, or make copies of images, click Manage. Click the images you want, then click Delete forevah-evah (the trash can icon), Export to your computer (the down arrow icon), or Make a copy (squares with a + sign icon), depending on what action you want to complete.

Using Hub with Collage

  • When you hover over Collage on the PicMonkey homepage and select Hub from the storage options, you can send images from Hub directly into Collage. Just click the images you want to work with, then click Collage.
  • Plus, when you save your collage to Hub, you can go back in and edit the layout, background, and photo placement within cells. With your Hub open, click the collage you want to re-edit, then click Collage.
  • Note that if you click Send to Editor while you’re in Collage, your collage will become flattened and you won’t be able to re-edit the layout, change the photos, etc. Learn more about our collage tool in this tutorial.

Using Collections in Hub

  • If you have a Supremium membership, you can keep your Hub organized by grouping your images into collections.
  • The Collections tab will appear at the top of your Hub, next to the Unsorted tab.
  • When you’re finished working on an image and you’d like to add it to a collection, click Save. Give your image a name, then click the Collections button (the icon that looks like two pieces of paper in a box). Choose the collection you want to add the image to or make a new collection, then click Okay.
  • When you save a project to a collection, it no longer appears in Unsorted. If you’ve been a PicMonkeyer for a bit, you may notice that this is a slight change from the old days, when projects were saved to the collection and still appeared in the Images tab in Hub.
  • You can save an image to as many collections as you want—go nuts! But note that the image functions as an individual file in each collection. So if you re-edit an image that is saved to multiple collections and then click Update, the updated version will only appear in the collection that you opened it from prior to re-editing. It will not automatically update in every collection that you’ve added it to.
  • To delete a collection, you first have to delete all the files within the collection.

Hub and the PicMonkey mobile app

  • To use Hub with the free PicMonkey mobile app, log into your PicMonkey account. Open the app, tap the gear icon in the top left corner, then tap Log in and enter your account information.
  • Images in your Hub can be accessed with both the PicMonkey mobile app and the tools on That means you can start a project while you’re out and about, then finish it on your computer (or vice versa) without having to email it to yourself!
  • To add an image to your Hub without editing it in the app, tap Upload in the bottom tab bar. You can also bulk upload images to Hub.
  • To open an image that you’ve already saved to Hub, tap the monkey icon in the bottom-right corner when the app opens. Tap your image, and it will open for editing.
  • To add an image to Hub after editing it, tap Save, then tap Hub.
  • Your collections will appear in the Collections tab of your Hub. You can create, delete, and modify collections through the PicMonkey app.
  • To manage your Hub through the mobile app, open Hub and then tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Tap Select images from the options that appear. Tap the images you want, then share them, add them to a collection, create a collection, or delete them.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.