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Getting Images into Your Hub

Hub is PicMonkey’s cloud-based storage system. Everything you work on in PicMonkey is auto-saved to Hub while you work. There is no “save” option in PicMonkey because it is not necessary. (See more: Where do my files save?)

All subscribers have access to Hub. (See more: What is Hub?)

Every file you start and create inside PicMonkey will already be in Hub, but you can also add files to Hub from outside of PicMonkey—from your phone, your computer, and from third-party sources like Dropbox, OneDrive, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Google Drive. To learn how to add photos from these sources, see: How Do I Get My Photos into PicMonkey to Edit?

How to upload images into Hub

There are a few ways you can get image files into your Hub: from your desktop computer, via the PicMonkey app, or on your mobile smart device.

1. Upload to a Hub folder from your computer

  1. Open a Hub folder from the homepage.

  2. Click the cloud & arrow icon.

  3. Choose photos from your computer to upload.

Note: you can upload multiple photos at once

2. Upload after creating a new folder in Hub

  1. Create a new folder. Or add a new subfolder to an existing folder

  2. After creating the new subfolder, click the Upload button that appears as in the image above to import pics from your computer

3. Upload to PicMonkey from a mobile device

Follow these steps to upload photos from your phone to PicMonkey's hub. Note: this does not involve using the PicMonkey mobile app.

  1. Open the web browser on your smart device (iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, etc)

  2. Go to on your device

  3. From the mobile homepage, select Go to my Hub

  4. Click the cloud + arrow icon

  5. Select the source to upload your pics

  6. Your uploaded pics are now accessible in Hub from a mobile browser, the PicMonkey mobile app, and on the desktop version of PicMonkey

4. Upload photos via the PicMonkey mobile app

  1. Open the PicMonkey mobile app (Get the app)

  2. Tap on the cloud with the "H" inside icon in the bottom right corner

  3. Tap the plus sign, then tap "Upload photos and videos

  4. Select the photos to upload

  5. Click "Upload to Hub" (they will be in your Unsorted folder unless you choose a specific folder before step 3 above)

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