Say Hello to the All-New PicMonkey

At PicMonkey, we’ve always been committed to adding new features, tools, and capabilities to our desktop editor. But this latest version is so beyond, so extra, we had to go ahead and put a “New” in front of its name.

So welcome, friends, to New PicMonkey! If you thought our last version was easy to use, powerful, and capable of extraordinary feats of design, you’re gonna go mad for this one. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we take you on a journey through some of our most favorite aspects of New PicMonkey.

Collaborate in real time, share files, leave comments

PicMonkey’s new collaboration tools enable you to spread the design love far and wide. You can invite collaborators to your Shared Space, assigning them various levels of editing permission. Think of your Shared Space as your cloud-based visual asset management system — sounds pretty profesh, huh? That’s because it’s ideal for groups of professionals who all need access to the same files, like remote teams that want to easily work out design ideas in real time, or small businesses that need to create, store, and share their personal branding assets on the regular.

Apply anything to anything

New PicMonkey is all about giving you the freedom to do whatever you want—without limits. That means you can now apply any effect, adjustment, or texture to anything on your canvas, from graphics to text to images to the background of the canvas itself. Want to apply some red lipstick to a sunset? Go for it! How about using the Daguerreotype photo effect on an overlay? No problema! Or maybe you’d like to use Sculpt to scramble up your words for a chic, fractured text look, like in the “No Limits” image above. You got it, babe. Your wish is our command.

Create a mask in a flash

One of the things we’re most excited about is the incredible yet easy masking capabilities of New PicMonkey. Masking is basically combining two images in a layer, with one image peeking through the outline of the other image. Once you’ve created your mask, you can apply different effects to each shape layer, or bust it up into puzzle pieces to re-arrange. Create crazy, complex, playful designs that push boundaries.

New PicMonkey has more than 300 gorgeous new textures, including marbled ink and cloudy ink, which are great to use for masking.

Auto-save saves the day

Did somebody say “Autosave”? Yes, you heard right! New PicMonkey now saves your work instantly and automatically to Hub, your PicMonkey cloud storage space. So you won’t have to worry about losing your gorgeous designs and having to redo all of your hard work if you leave your desk or have a power outage.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about with New PicMonkey is limited storage. That’s because we’ve massively expanded Hub so you can put tons more stuff in there. So don’t hold back! Create as many designs as you want and keep them as long as you want in Hub.

Tons more graphics for your designs

Can you ever really have too many graphics? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve added hundreds and hundreds of new ones—now totaling over 2,900—that you can use in a variety of ways. We’ve got business and geometric graphics for making infographics, marketing materials, and logos; lifestyle graphics to liven up your communications and social posts; cool hand drawn letter sets; seasonal and holiday graphics to help you celebrate special occasions and dress up your website; and so much more.

Check out our new design-y graphics too. There are brush patterns, brush scribbles, amorphous blobs, and hand-drawn lines that work well as design accents or as elements that you can pile up to create a design from scratch.

Go ahead and make changes

You’ve got to have the ability to make changes to whatever you want, whenever you want. New PicMonkey makes it easy to switch out images and revise text at any point while also keeping any erasures or effects that you’ve already applied. This is great if you want to make a seasonal copy change or create a different version of the same design.

And for all you social butterflies out there, New PicMonkey’s crop tool allows you to quickly change the size of your canvas without distorting the objects in it, so you can instantly create six different sizes for all your social channels.

As awesome as New PicMonkey already is, we still have a few things to add to make it even awesomer. So when you see a menu item that’s greyed out, that just means the feature will be coming soon.

Ready to try New PicMonkey?
Molly Shapiro

Before joining the PicMonkey editorial team as a senior writer, Molly wrote about topics as varied as politics, finance, global health, and online dating. As a fiction writer, she’s published two books, both available on Amazon through totally non-sketchy retailers. A midwestern transplant who now calls Seattle home, Molly firmly believes that the Space Needle is way cooler than the Eiffel Tower.