What's New: PicMonkey Mobile App for Android

(Note: these updates are for Android only. If you're an iOS user, see What's New for iOS.)

It's been awhile! We're happy to announce that Android updates for the PicMonkey mobile app are coming fast and furious down the pipeline so that you can design on the go, no matter where you go. Check out what's new in the app!

New for July 2021

Premium effects (version 1.18.12)

Pro subscribers have 10 new premium effects: Portrait, Monochrome, Spectrum, Bluebird, Classic Blue, Red Hot, Cyber, LightPastel, Pastel, and Autumn.

Portrait does what any good people-focused photo should: makes 'em pop. Capture the perfect black and white look with Monochrome. Spectrum takes things an entirely different direction — buckle up before using!

If you're looking for effects that are cool, calm, and collected, opt for Bluebird or Classic Blue. On the opposite end sit Red Hot and Cyber. LightPastel and Pastel kinda hang in the middle, keeping things light and airy. Autumn throws a bit of early fall color into the mix. You do you, and remember that you can control your effect's intensity. Just tap and drag the effect slider to increase or decrease its look.

If you're not a Pro subscriber, we're still spreading the love with two new free effects: Twilight and Mist. Both offer their own subtle vibes so that you can take your pics from great to greatest!

Now that we're off and running again, make sure to check this page often for new updates. And whenever you share your masterpiece designs to social media, add a #picmonkey to your post!

On your desktop or in the palm of your hand, design ANYWHERE with a PicMonkey subscription.

Joe Wolff is a Chicago-based writer and novelist. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking fancy things and then ruining the plating, running so that his tall and awkward frame isn't wasted, and allowing Chicago sports teams to determine his mood. He's a proud graduate of the University of Florida, whose sports teams tend to do a much better job of mood regulation.