Mobile App Stickers & Fonts: See What’s New!

Find this Chalky Doodle graphic in the Trendy category.

Our graphic stickers and fun fonts are the colorful and cool way to liven up your photos and your social media posts. Fortunately, PicMonkey stashed a whole bunch of ‘em in the mobile app, and we’re adding new ones all the time so you can create eye-popping posts to celebrate the seasons, holidays, and to get your social followers to sit up and take notice of your beautiful feed!

What’s new in graphics!

Artsy to 80’s to Astrological, check out our new sticker categories in the app. Just click the Ghost icon on the bottom nav bar to browse them all!

How to use graphics

Retro to cute to funny, our graphics run the style gamut so you’ll be sure to find something that you like and that fits your aesthetic. Here’s how to browse and use graphics in the PicMonkey Mobile App:

  1. Launch the PicMonkey Mobile App on your smart device.

  2. Open a photo to add a graphic to. Tap “Edit.”

  3. On the bottom toolbar, scroll and tap “Graphics” (the ghost icon).

  4. Browse the various categories by scrolling the bottom nav bar left and right. Tap a category name to browse loads of graphics.

  5. Tap a graphic to add to your photo.

  6. If you want to add two or more graphics, repeat step 3 then tap  “Add” (“Ghost+” icon).

You can customize the look of your graphic in a number of ways. In addition to changing the color of your graphic, you can change the shape and rotate it using the pinch gesture. While in the graphics editing mode, scroll the bottom nav bar to play with opacity, drop shadows, blur, and erase.

What’s new in fonts!

Try out a new font in the app. Just click on the big “T” on the bottom nav bar to see how your words look different in serif, script, or block letters.

How to use fonts

You can add text to your photos in the app, too. With a whole bunch of font styles, the ability to curve your words, add a drop shadow, and change the color or size, you can make beautifully unique posts that have something to say.

  1. In the Edit menu, tap “Text” (the “T” icon) in the bottom nav bar.

  2. Type your words. Tap Done.

  3. Just like with graphics above, you can modify the text on your photo.

  4. Change the color or font or style, curve it, add a shadow, and more.

  5. To add additional text, just tap the check mark, then start at step number one again.

Check back often to see what else is new in the Mobile App! And be sure to add #picmonkey when you share your creations to social media.

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Sarah Gonzales is the content marketing manager at PicMonkey. Over time she’s evolved from a cat to a dog person, a Diet Coke to a La Croix person, and a heels to a flats person. However, she will forever remain loyal to the LA Dodgers, coffee, and Mac products. She’s still deciding if she’s a city or a country person having sampled both after living in Alaska, Los Angeles, San Francisco, (Alaska again), and now Seattle.