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iOS 14 home screen ideas for various wallpaper aesthetics

Unique iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic Ideas

Customize your iOS 14 home screen in PicMonkey with these unique aesthetic options.
Two iPhone examples of a dark photo and a light photo of a dog laying on its back at the beach. Beach background of sand and water.

How to Brighten Photos on Your Phone or iPad

Learn how to brighten photos on your phone or iPad easily with this quick-fix tutorial.
YouTube thumbnail templates available in PicMonkey.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail

Learn how to create a YouTube thumbnail that grabs attention and promotes your channel.
Various mobile design templates available in the PicMonkey mobile app.

What’s New: PicMonkey Mobile App for iOS

Come check out all the new stuff in the PicMonkey mobile app for iOS!
picmonkey mobile app 5 tips for designing with photos on your phone

5 Ways to Take Your Mobile Designs to New Heights

Only using a laptop to create graphic designs is *so* 2011. Now you can do nearly everything from yo...
Orange background with PicMonkey and Shutterstock branding, announcing that PicMonkey has joined the Shutterstock family.

What's New: PicMonkey Mobile App for Android

We're back! Check out the new features in the PicMonkey mobile app for Android!
PicMonkey's background remover app for iOS and android.

Background Remover on the PicMonkey App

Use PicMonkey's background remover app to instantly erase the background of your photo with one clic...
Before and after of an edited seaside city photo.

Photo Editing for Beginners

Learn about basic photo editing techniques and PicMonkey features.
how to upload and use your own fonts in PicMonkey

How to Use Your Own Fonts in PicMonkey

Upload your own fonts to use in PicMonkey desktop and mobile. Learn how.
how to put filters on video free video effects app

Design with Video Effects on the Mobile App Tutorial

Learn how to design with video clips in the PicMonkey mobile app. Crop, adjust, and add effects!
tips and tricks for food photography with a phone

Food Photography: Mobile Editing Tips and Shooting Secrets

These tips + the PicMonkey mobile app = downright drool-worthy food pics. Now that's math we can get...
social media post maker on your phone with picmonkey mobile app

Social Media Image Sizes on the PicMonkey Mobile App

With our preset crop sizes, you can post to your favorite social media sites anywhere, anytime.
shoot and edit profile pics on your phone with the picmonkey mobile app

How to Get Great Social Media Profile Pictures with Your Phone or iPad

Create the perfect social media profile picture is right in your pocket (and this blog post). Check ...
Align text on photos using the picmonkey mobile app

Get Your Designs Centered with Snap Alignment on PicMonkey Mobile

Oh, Snap! Snap alignment is available on the PicMonkey mobile app! Straighten your text and center y...
picmonkey mobile app photo effects to brighten pictures and save bad photos

Use the Lush Photo Effect to Save Blah Photos on Your Phone

Our newest addition to the PicMonkey mobile app is one one-click pic fixer. Learn all about it here,...