5 Mobile App Features to Spice Up Every Photo

5 Mobile App Features to Spice Up Every Photo
November 5, 2018 Andrew Zangre

The tools in PicMonkey Mobile are delightfully diverse—options for days. So where to begin? We’ve broken down a few big ‘uns that will serve you in most any situation. Tasteful edits often mean the difference between “just another picture” and a true stunner. Whether you’re on the train or in line for lunch, the PicMonkey mobile app can help you push your photos over the finish line into phenomenal.

Here are five features that can help feed your need for greatness across most any project. Dive in and give them a go!

1. Splendor

No, not the artificial sweetener. This tool enhances the natural beauty in photos suffering from underexposure. It does so with a thorough mix of smart lighting adjustments that preserve the contrast of the photo while helping each detail truly sing.

PicMonkey mobile app's Splendor effect instantly fixes photos that are poorly lit.

The Splendor effect is a quick fix for photos with lighting or contrast problems.

Some charming blades of grass hidden by shadows? Splendor can bring them to the surface, without overdoing the brightness in other spots that are already well-illuminated. Find a heavenly balance of warm and cool tones to suit your photo. You may just salvage a pic entirely, if otherwise perfect ingredients are marred by bad lighting. Check it out for yourself; it’s the first option you’ll see after tapping the Effects icon.

2. Text Effects

The letter spacing feature in PicMonkey mobile app lets you customize text.

Click the Style icon, then click Letter Spacing and see how spreading or scrunching your letters makes a big difference in your designs.

Have your way with words by leveraging text effects—select your preferred text and your options appear in the tab bar along the bottom. The Shadow feature allows for drop shadows that can swing every which way and add perspective and depth. Curving text gives you the Superman-like power to bend words, creating an arched or circular effect. Mobile users can adjust spacing by scooching words closer or sliding them apart (tap the Style icon, then Letter Space). You can also erase parts of your text to meld it with your visual design elements for a cool, layered look.

3. Paint-on effects and adjustments

PicMonkey offers mobile photo editing with a fun and powerful set of features.

Brush on the B&W (black and white) effect in specific parts of your image for a color pop look.

Tap the brush icon in any effect and your fingertips become magic wands. Highlight a strip of land or sky with Sunglow to strike a mood. Rub a person’s face with a different filter to set it apart from the rest. Or just get weird—no judgement here. Paint-on adjustments mean any Effects, Adjust, or Touch-Up option can be applied in specific areas of your picture. Try effects in new and unusual contexts; these tools empower your experimental side and any desire for fine-tuning.

4. Eyedropper

You can customize the color of graphics in PicMonkey Mobile—whether ours or your own. Use our all-encompassing color wheel to peruse the hues, or enter hex codes to swiftly select your brand-approved colors. And with our trusty eyedropper tool, you can match your graphic to a precise color in your photo or design. 

The Eyedropper tool can be moved over a color in your image you want to match, and you can save that color for future use, too.

The Eyedropper tool’s circular target, above, is matching the rectangle color to a tan hue in the horizon.

Select a graphic then swipe the dial of color dots all the way to the right. Move the target circle to any place in your image where you see a color you’d like to match, and your graphic instantly follows suit. You can choose to add this very particular color to the options on your color picker for future edits—tap the Add Color icon (plus sign in a circle) on the far right of the slider and you’re golden (or whichever color you’ve concocted).

5. Presto

If you’re faced with some faces in a photo project, the Presto feature can bring out their best with an all-at-once, “abra cadabra” calibration. This effect intelligently identifies facial features for focused retouching; it will whiten those chompers, smoothen the skin, and unblemish the blemished with a single tap.

Presto, PicMonkey's one-click Touch Up tool, is an instant win.

The Presto effect in Touch Up is an instant win for subtle improvements.

You can tap the Presto icon up to three times with increasingly potent results, then modify individual adjustments as needed. If you’ve gone too far into doll-faced perfection, tapping the icon a fourth time will revert faces to their original quality. Presto and other Touch Up effects are unlocked with a one-time $1.99 payment, or if you have a PicMonkey subscription, just log into the app and it’s all yours (along with allllll the good stuff on PicMonkey.com).

Get all the on-the-go goodness when you download the PicMonkey mobile app!

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