Photo Editing & Design

Circle image featuring multiple design elements like picture of person with bright lipstick and sunglasses, leavy graphics, and an eclectic combination of bright and dark colors.

Make a Circle Image in 4 Easy Steps

Crop a circle image out of your pics for buttons, designs, and more using PicMonkey. Learn how today...
Splitscreen of two smiling women holding up a Instagram-style frame, showing how you can use PicMonkey's Edge Sketch tool to turn photos into sketches.

Create a Photo Sketch with Edge Sketch

Learn how to use the Edge Sketch tool and turn your pics into art.
Hiker standing atop mountain and looking out at mountainous landscape, with PicMonkey's Crop tool bounding box showing how to crop the image.

How to Resize an Image Like a Pro

Learn how to resize an image or video by cropping, resizing, or using our Smart Resize tool.
Make a face swap photo online in just 3 steps with PicMonkey

Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps

Create a realistic face swap online using PicMonkey's tools!
Brighten dark photos using the PicMonkey mobile app.

How to Brighten Dark Photos on Your Phone or iPad

Discover easy-peasy ways to save dark pics, and stop throwing memories in the trash(can icon).
An informative survey of ten types of graphs and charts, and tips for making them

Types of Graphs and Charts

An informative survey of ten types of graphs and charts, and tips for making them.
Black and white side profile of woman with yellow ampersand layered for a 3D effect.

Layer Text on Photos for High-End Designs

Learn how to layer text and images to add dimension to your designs.
Layered design of exercising woman with warm colors and "Run the world" text.

Layer Images: How to Use Layers in Your Designs and Photo Editing

Layers are your best friend, whether your photo editing shenanigans are simple or complex. Learn how...
Various examples of overlays, layered atop a white background.

How to Make a Photo Overlay

Some know them as stickers, while others call them clip art. Whatever name you fancy, overlays are ...
learn how to put photos inside of text and shapes

What's a Clipping Mask? How to Put a Picture Inside Text or Graphics

Learn to use clipping masks to put pics inside shapes or text. It's really easy!
PicMonkey has tons of Youtube thumbnail templates to kickstart your design.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail

Create a YouTube thumbnail that grabs attention and promotes your channel.
picmonkey mobile app 5 tips for designing with photos on your phone

5 Ways to Take Your Mobile Designs to New Heights

Only using a laptop to create graphic designs is *so* 2011. Now you can do nearly everything from yo...
tips and tricks for food photography with a phone

Food Photography: Mobile Editing Tips and Shooting Secrets

These tips + the PicMonkey mobile app = downright drool-worthy food pics. Now that's math we can get...
social media post maker on your phone with picmonkey mobile app

Social Media Image Sizes on the PicMonkey Mobile App

With our preset crop sizes, you can post to your favorite social media sites anywhere, anytime.
picmonkey mobile app photo effects to brighten pictures and save bad photos

Use the Lush Photo Effect to Save Blah Photos on Your Phone

Our newest addition to the PicMonkey mobile app is one one-click pic fixer. Learn all about it here,...