Learn How to Use Clip Art (Overlays)

Learn How to Use Clip Art (Overlays)

Crown your cat! Or, mustache your baby. Label it, logo it, and embellish it. Think of overlays as sophisticated clip art: they’re graphics specially engineered for photo editing and design, thanks to delectable clarity and image quality at any size.

That’s right, overlays are infinitely expandable, and we’ve got a feast of them in the Overlays tab! This video primer will make a beginner proficient and an expert more expertly.

Open our photo Editor to play along at home!

What you’ll learn about clip art:

  • how to change the overlay color via the palette, hex code, or the eyedropper (yes, there are three ways!)
  • how to resize, both proportionally and along one axis only
  • how to work with a two-color overlay
  • how to work with an overlay that offers hue-shifting
  • how to add your own image as an overlay
  • how to merge overlays to the background if you have several overlapping ones
  • how to flip and rotate
  • how to erase parts of an overlay

And you’ll get a quick run-through of many overlays found in the Themes tab, which people often forget to check!

Clip Art can jazz up any photo

We have thousands of photo stickers to choose from. Add a mustache to your baby, put a tiny hat on your grandma. Mass distribute your birthday invite holding a bunch of balloons.

Psst … treat yourself to an upgrade.

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