Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps
July 21, 2017 Tanya Friedland

Have a sweetheart who’s peachy keen or a close pal who could use laugh? Delight your loved ones (and only kinda freak them out) by presenting them with a photorealistic face swap made right here in PicMonkey!

For the natural-est face swap this side of the interwebs, start by picking the right photo. The pic you choose should not only feature the two faces that you want to interchange, but both faces should be angled in a similar way.

1. Open your picture on top of a blank canvas

Before opening your image, click Design on the homepage. The actual dimensions of the design canvas don’t matter, because at this point you’re just cutting out your faces and saving them as individual images.

In Canvas Color, click Transparent canvas and then click Apply.

face swap online, add your own, graphic

Open the Graphics tab (the butterfly icon) and click the Add your own button at the top of the menu. Add your image as an graphic.

2. Cut out your faces

Pick the first face you want to cut out, then click the Eraser button in the Graphic palette. In broad strokes, erase everything around the first face. Don’t worry about whether it’s perfect yet. You can always go back and erase more during the next steps.

face swap online, erase out face

Zoom in on your image to erase in finer detail; adjust the Eraser size slider so you don’t accidentally take too much off. (But if you do, you can always use the paintbrush to paint it back on). You’ll want your Eraser hardness slider to be on the softer side. Move the view controller (the rectangle in the bottom right corner of the Editor) to pan around your image.

Crop your image close to the face and flatten it using the Flatten image button in the Layers palette. Then export it as a .png (which preserves the transparency of the background) or save it to Hub. You’ll use it as an graphic when you do your face swap.

face swap online

Repeat these steps to extract your second face and save it.

3. Place face swaps onto the original image

Click Open new in the top toolbar to open your whole image. Click Add your own, atop the Graphics tab, and open one of your face cutouts as an graphic.

online face swap, place face on face, fade, graphic

Place the face over the other person’s and use the corner handles to size it perfectly. You can use the Fade slider to make the face slightly transparent so it will be easier to line up the features. Turn the top handle to rotate the head so that it’s in the right position.

online face swap, graphic, erase

If the faces are at a slight angle, you may find that flipping a face horizontally (arrows next to the Delete button) makes the features look more realistic.

You can also use the eraser to smooth out any edges on the face. For example if Face #1’s forehead is blocking some of Face #2’s little forehead hairs, use the eraser to shave off some of the graphic.

Repeat this step with the second face.

face swap online, green, skin tone

Extra tip: if you want to make a swapped-in face match the skin tone of the body it’s going on top of, use the color box in the Graphic palette to slightly alter skin tones until you’ve got a match. We used green here for illustrative purposes, but skin tones can be found in the lower left-hand side of the color picker.

Freak out your friends by creating a realistic face swap in PicMonkey.

Behold! A face swap so natural, your mom might not even be able to tell which one is really you.


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Tanya Friedland
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