Announcing Automatic Background Remover, Plus Design Inspo!

PicMonkey Pro subscribers now have one-click background removal! 

As in, open a photo, click Remove background and poof, it’s gone. Magic! No other photo editing and design platform lets you do background erase as quickly and as thoroughly as we do. After your background is removed with one click (can’t get enough of that!), use the eraser or paintbrush tools to remove even more, or to paint back on any part of the erased background. Read on for design inspiration, or go learn how to use this magically intuitive background remover because it’s super duper cool and we know it’s hard to wait. 

You’ll find the Remove background button in the Graphics palette. Make sure your image is its own layer, select it, click the magic button and...’s bye-bye background. For a full tutorial and video see: How to Remove Backgrounds with Our Background Erase Tool.

Layer your background-less photo in a collage, or keep it simple with a plain background. Here are some ideas for creating three popular styles of posts using our background remover.

Make a YouTube thumbnail with background remover & outline

If you’ve cruised YouTube lately, you’ve almost certainly seen this style of eye-catching, bold thumbnail design featuring cut-out images and outlined block letters. It’s super easy to make. We’ll show you how to create this look by combining the magic of background remover with the defining power of outline.

Quick steps for creating a YouTube thumbnail with background remover:

  1. Start with a YouTube thumbnail blank canvas.

  2. Add an image to your canvas, select it, click Remove Background.

  3. Keep the photo selected, go to the Effects tab in the Graphics palette and click Outline.

  4. Adjust the color and thickness of the outline using the sliders.

  5. Add another image to layer underneath.

  6. Add text to your design, and repeat step 3 above to outline.

  7. Add a subtle drop shadow to your image and text if desired.

  8. Export directly to YouTube from the Share dropdown at the top of the window.

Create a “shop my picks” story for Instagram

If you’re advertising a sale at your retail shop, or are a stylist with recommendations to share, this multi-image post is the answer. Including multiple items in a single design is so much more roomy sans those blocky, distracting backgrounds. Here’s how to make this stylin’ post in PicMonkey:

Quick steps for creating an Insta Story with background remover:

  1. Start with an Instagram Story template or blank canvas.

  2. Add an image of an item you want to feature.

  3. WIth the image selected, click Remove background on the Graphics palette.

  4. From the Effects tab on the Graphics palette, add a drop shadow to the item if you wish. 

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each item you add to your story. 

  6. Arrange the images, text, and any graphics you add by selecting and moving in the Layers palette.

Polish your product photos with background remover

Quickly remove the background of a product photo to create a white background

To create a white background for the image after removing its original background, simply go the Edits tab on the left and select Background color, then choose white (or whatever color you desire). 

Note that downloading your image as a PNG will maintain a transparent background, but downloading as a JPG or PDF will automatically cause the background to be white.

Or, add a new background to your product photo.

If you have an ecommerce store where you sell products that you’ve photographed, say handmade ceramics or vintage jewelry, PicMonkey's background remover is your new best friend. You can photograph your products and then give all of them a quick background changeup in PicMonkey. This is great for sites like Amazon that require the main product pic to have a white background, and even if you use a different online store, giving all your products a similar or same  background really helps you to look professional and consistent.

A PicMonkey subscription is the freshest choice for small biz owners.

Sarah Gonzales is the content marketing manager at PicMonkey. Over time she’s evolved from a cat to a dog person, a Diet Coke to a La Croix person, and a heels to a flats person. However, she will forever remain loyal to the LA Dodgers, coffee, and Mac products. She’s still deciding if she’s a city or a country person having sampled both after living in Alaska, Los Angeles, San Francisco, (Alaska again), and now Seattle.