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PicMonkey Help & Support

All About the Image Palette

The Image palette will launch when you select a photo on your canvas. (Note: you may have previously used the Graphics palette to adjust photos.) There are three tabs in this palette: Adjust, Effects, and Erase. Let's look at what each one can do.


  • Color spectrum circle: Click the color circle to launch the color picker.

  • Fade: Use the slider to make your image more transparent.

  • Blend**mode**: Select a blend mode to make your image blend in differently with the background.

  • Rotate/Flip: Use the circle arrows to rotate the image, or the triangles to flip it across a horizontal or a vertical line.

  • Crop: Change the size of your graphic. Then click Apply crop.

  • Remove background: Instantly erase the background of your image with one click. (Pro subscribers only.)

  • Replace image: Click to swap out the selected image with another chosen from Hub, your computer, stock photos, etc. The new image will take on any adjustments or effects you applied to the original image.

  • Trashcan: Remove the graphic from your canvas.

  • More options (3 dots): Choose either “Revert” or “Flatten” to remove or lock in your edits.


From the Effects tab on the Image palette you can style your images. Check the box for the default effect. Customize the effect further by clicking the caret and adjusting the effect to your liking.

  • Drop Shadow: put a shadow underneath your graphic for a 3-D effect.

  • Inner Shadow: put a shadow inside your graphic for an engraved look.

  • Outline: Put a color outline around your graphic.

  • Knockout: Removes the graphic/image and leaves behind just the shadows and/or outline.


From the Erase tab in the Image palette you can adjust an eraser’s settings to remove part of your photo. Click the Paintbrush tab to paint any erased portion back on. These tools also allow you to fine-tune your image after you've removed the background.

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